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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 20-May-20 15:03:55

Good Evening Wednesday;
Yes! Winter is only days away! Unusual in that we had a spectacular thunderstorm last night. I’d just got into bed about 1.30am when it started, so no sleep until 2.00 when it cleared off and I dozed off. Then suddenly, “Wham’, an enormous single clap of thunder! A moment of panic thinking that was my car battery-charger! Too bad I thought; not going out at that time of night in the rain, but all OK this morning! They say that big waves come in threes so I’m still waiting! shock
MiniMoon Thank you for that YouTube, but you’ve upset my viewing schedules! After Des O’Connor I had to wander off down memory lane with Eric and Ernie. The Des sketches are always a scream and I was also pleased to meet up with that siren Fenella Fielding, she of the voice. Forgotten all about her! wink
The total absence of smut and the rest makes these clips so clever and a pleasure to watch; double entendres are OK and can be very clever. Thank you!
Jane Artie Shaw was a busy man wasn’t he!? Eight wives! Wow! For some reason the saying “Once bitten twice shy” comes to mind, but obviously never entered his mind!. Not surprising given the talent in his line-up. Surprised at reference to only 2 offspring by one of them! Too busy I guess! hmm
Haven’t got round to reading The Oldie yet, after champing at the bit all through lockdown.
I blame it on MiniMoon and Eric and Ernie.
I’ve just downloaded a 1 hour You Tube “Great Hits of Artie Shaw” and playing it as soothing background as I type. Complements my Ray Conniff and Bert Kaempfert regulars.
Good Luck with all your vacuuming exercises! The cause of many “bad back” syndromes, or is that still the most popular “get out of jail card”!?
Well, all seems quiet on the Southern Front at nearly midnight, so maybe some beauty sleep; only rain forecast and that can be soothing. In fact I seem to recall a DVD of rain or running streams for relaxing, but that could be dangerous at bedtime. especially if you’re on diuretics.
Having to get out of bed in the middle of a cold Winter’s night is not fun!
Good Health wine wine wine

Megs36 Wed 20-May-20 18:47:09

Still hot and sunny here Rufus, sorry! In fact Sarthend on sea was ultra crowded today, obviously a lot of idiots were having a day out. Am I just jealous because we are still shielded, have a good day, 🍷🍷🍷keep warm.