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The more 'relaxed' look

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MissAdventure Thu 21-May-20 10:33:20

I've been working today with someone who always keeps herself immaculate, from head to toe.

As the weeks go on, I think she has looked nicer and nicer.

Today, her hair in a messy (grey) ponytail, and lovely freckles peppered across her cheeks.

Have you seen this happening in the mirror, and is there anything that you may not go back to doing once things have eased?

kittylester Thu 21-May-20 11:09:13

My hair is looking good a little longer!

dragonfly46 Thu 21-May-20 11:13:50

My hair is too kitty grin.

I have stopped wearing hats and wigs which my shock people but my DH's hair is the same length as mine!

NannyJan53 Thu 21-May-20 11:15:40

I may not go back to having my hair trimmed every 6 weeks, as it was last done in February and it doesn't seem that much longer now! I think it is growing slower now that I am older grin

Dottydots Thu 21-May-20 11:22:44

I've just realised I can go several weeks longer than my normal 6 weeks for a cut and colour. I shall be saving some money but I don't suppose my hairdresser will be very pleased.

tanith Thu 21-May-20 11:25:16

I’ve been to Tesco in a sun dress I usually only wear around the house and garden there’s something to be said for click and collect 🤣