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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 21-May-20 15:13:24

Good Evening Thursday;
Happy with your hot weather? Hottest day (in UK, this year, would you believe!) according to our news. Sunbathers on beaches; looked like the South coast.
Newton-the-Willows didn’t look too bright with that enormous black plume from that plastics fire.
Megs; you must live in or near “Sarfend-on-Sea” seeing that you are not allowed to travel far. It reminds me of an uncomfortable weekend spent there whilst on a cycling visit about 70 years ago! Or rather the return visit home was something hard to forget. Lived in Slough in those days and pedalled to Sarfend on Sat. returning on Sun. Unfortunately a stiff Westerly blew up which meant a head wind all the way home along the A4. I couldn’t hop on the train at Paddington as I was broke (nothing new in those days) so I arrived home absolutely shattered! Probably did wonders for my heart! The bike was an all-steel Raleigh heavy weight, , but felt like a BSA at the finish! sad
Sorry to see your euphemism on the “Good Morning” thread, “s**t”! Succinct, but says it all! Anything to do with the wobbles?
Bruce at our Over 80s Club regularly reports that Mrs. B has “SOL” which must be closely related! shock
Anti-Corona rules are slowly being eased, but with Victoria and NSW holding back which is good. The Queensland Govt is relaxing, being the “Sunshine State”and also warmer than us (15C today and 13C for tomorrow!), Brisbane in mid-20s. but their Premier is maintaining strict border controls between NSW and Queensland.
Some wit has suggested they keep the border closed permanently to keep the Queenslanders in. grin

I was planning to actually “go out” tomorrow with Freda for the first time since pre-lockdown days, but 13C will be a bit off-putting. and I can still be challenged by the police, who incidentally, claimed today that there has been a very welcome increase in the number of people reporting others for infringements. It used to be “un-Australian” to dob in anyone, so it’s encouraging to see that the importance of the Rules is beginning to be recognised and acted on!
Was thinking that with all this popular acceptance of working at/from home are there any accident insurance implications? Who or what covers claims? Would H&C insurance; or would that be denied because it occurred whilst engaged in paid “employment”!?
Thank Goodness it’s Friday as we used to say! smile
Good Health Everyone and “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”!
Cheers wine wine wine

Doodle Thu 21-May-20 16:02:31

Hello rufus. Yes very happy thanks. Not being allowed out at all we are enjoying sitting on our balcony in the warm evenings watching the world go by....well the walkers, joggers and bikers. Not far fro Slough as it happens 😊.
So are you not allowed out either? We’ve been in for 8 weeks now and the furthest I’ve been is to put the rubbish in the bin.
Hope you enjoy your Friday. I’m still looking forward to my Thursday 🍷 in about an hour 😊

Megs36 Thu 21-May-20 16:34:44

Hello Rufus, you really had a trip down Memory Lane there.
My husband used to be-a great cyclist in his yoof . I think Sarfend was always accessible to us , as we were in S E London, then ironically my son and family lived round that way for a while so visited again. Still nearest ‘seaside ‘ to us.
Mrs Bs SOL could be several things most of which I’ve had I guess!
Cheers as always🍷🍷🍷