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Good Ev'ning Sat'day

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Rufus2 Sat 23-May-20 14:56:27

Hi! Relax Everyone! We've actually arrived at Saturday smile The thread heading came up in my browser along with other previous headings, so without thinking and to minimise typing, I simply clicked on it!
As forecast, only 13C max today; felt like 4C. Thankful for the C/H, battling this cold weather and giving comfort whilst I procrastinate about which computer files to sort.

Megs Clacton -on-Sea! I was going to say "There but for the Grace of" or "Ships that pass in the night", but in the 1950s you were obviously a toddler; I wasn't! sad

Seriously though, I see on Google that Butlins is no longer at Clacton. I guess they had a willing market so soon after the war, but o/seas holidays became cheaper and accessible.

Scooters are easier than bikes and require much less effort and they don't wobble ! except when I was trying to pay a bill and nearly demolished our Post Office and forgot to switch off! You should try it next time you're up the shopping centre, assuming they provide them for free like ours! It's great fun.
Corvid 19 restrictions are being slowly eased depending on which State you are in, although it's worth noting the statistics are still moving slowly up, with nursing home deaths still occurring; confirmed "cases" associated with the abattoir are also on the rise.

Sorry! sidetracked by other threads! Confirming it is still Saturday here, for another 5 minutes anyway, so you don't have to rush out to church just yet, although I'm not even sure if they are allowed to open. Probably OK if only one person at each end of pew! How would they pass the plate around? hmm
Keep praying for Good Health. wine wine wine


Megs36 Sat 23-May-20 22:27:40

Happy Sunday Rufus,🍷🍷