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Luckygirl Wed 27-May-20 20:43:07

A couple are coming to see my house tomorrow and I plan to be in the garden while they go round, having opened all the internal doors (so they do not have to touch door handles) and left windows open. It is forecast to be good weather tomorrow.

I plan to provide each with a new mask to wear while they go round, on the grounds that if they are incubating the bug, fewer will land on the surfaces in my home. Would this put you off?

Riverwalk Wed 27-May-20 21:20:47

It might put me off. Will the mask be totally untouched by you beforehand - you could be incubating the bug then they put something you've touched right up to their nose and mouth.

You should tell the estate agent you plan to do this - of course the couple could be planning to come wearing their own masks.

CanadianGran Wed 27-May-20 21:34:31

It shouldn't. They are being allowed into a home that is not theirs, so the should willingly put on a mask.

Wouldn't bother me at all, in fact I would wear my own. Perhaps leave a message with the agent that masks would be provided if they didn't have their own.

May7 Wed 27-May-20 22:27:51

I too am having 4 viewings this week all on same day. We have submitted a video of the property to Estate agent. No mean task I tell you we are not film makers.

We plan to sit in car outside property. Our estate agent is providing over shoes. They will wear their own mask and gloves and be told not to touch anything. Only 2 people allowed from same household and no children . Agent will wipe down surfaces before they arrive and wipe down after they have left. We have to open all doors.

They will get 15mins to view. I am quite anxious about this as we have not allowed anyone over our doorstep since lockdown but we are prepared to do this as long as guidelines are followed.

We will then blitz house and probably hit the gin bottle.
Good luck with your house viewings luckygirl

Luckygirl Wed 27-May-20 22:30:22

They will be new masks fresh from the packet. I plan to be in the garden.

Daisymae Thu 28-May-20 07:39:13

I heard an interview on the radio with a woman in Scotland who had bought a property following an online viewing only! I thought that sounded a bit young.......

NotSpaghetti Thu 28-May-20 08:17:14

No! Please speak to the agent. I think THEY should be giving them masks if they don't have them.

I would NOT feel very good being given a mask by the seller. It has all sorts of negative messages.

If, on the other hand an agent was control, that would imply they were just being careful.

Oopsadaisy3 Thu 28-May-20 08:37:49

I think you are right to give them the masks that you know are new, they might just use their old ones.

BlueSky Thu 28-May-20 08:48:37

Yes I guess the agent should provide them with masks as well as instruction on what they can and cannot do during the visit. Good idea for you to be in the garden Luckygirl

May7 Sat 30-May-20 18:47:03

How did your viewings go Luckygirl did you feel safe whilst they were in your home ?

Luckygirl Sat 30-May-20 19:33:51

Well - they came on Thursday and were clearly very interested; then came back today with a surveyor friend. I can only wait and see. Luckily very sunny, so I was outside; and indoors they wore masks and I had all the windows and doors open, so they did not have to touch any door handles at all.

I then went round with the bleach, and left the house for a couple of hours to go for a walk - time for bugs to die.

Fingers crossed!

Only slight problem was that estate agent who rang me to arrange the appointment failed to tell the viewers. Unbelievable! Luckily I had the agent's mobile number and got hold of him and he was able to ring them. I thought the whole reason we pay estate agents a fortune is to arrange viewings!!!

May7 Sun 31-May-20 11:21:42

Thats good to hear. I hope it all goes through for you. Fingers x