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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 28-May-20 14:33:14

Sorry Everyone; Our different time zones appear to be causing confusion such as not knowing whether I’m coming or going! confused
What I do know is that I’ve been going down memory lane a lot lately, such as this evening spent viewing a beautiful documentary about the Dee Valley Heritage Railway. Marvellous scenery and that dialect! There have been so many Scotch programmes on TV lately that I’m beginning to follow what the natives are saying with no trouble whatsoever.
However, I was surprised at the end when we finished in Edinburgh watching a Mardi Gras type parade. The outfits, being worn in public, would shake up subscribers to a current GN thread.
It didn’t sit with my impression of Edinburgh which to my mind is “Posh” and not suited to that sort of thing!
Welcome back Rafichagran! Last time you said you weren’t offended, but never gave a clue as to what it was you weren’t offended by, but at least you didn’t go back to parachuting (did you?) which Grannies twice your age seem to be taking to in droves. grin

Also noted on another thread that fatgran has come out of lurking. Must have a chat later with my Aussie buddy.
Not much else in mind at the moment Nothing of interest about Covid; Weather is same old same old; cold nights cool days 17C and sunshine.
I started this message in the Chat Forum and of course it suddenly disappeared; fortunately I wasn’t far into it, but now I’m in Word , intending to copy/paste, hoping the gremlins don’t strike again. I take comfort from the fact that lightning never strikes the same place twice! shock
Good Health wine wine wine
Yes Aldom! Red it is! Good for the heart, in moderation, of course!

Aldom Thu 28-May-20 18:53:53

Hi Rufus2
Another beautiful day, weather wise. Worked in the garden first thing this morning while it was cool. Tomorrow I will sow basil and chive seeds. Yes, these days it's easy to get the days mixed up. I did that today. Thought it was Wednesday and missed the live streaming of a close friend's funeral this afternoon. Feel bad about that, but will be able to watch in three working days. Had a friend in the garden for cup of tea this afternoon. She said she needed cheering up, and felt better on leaving. She was fascinated by how tame the birds are in my garden. Last clap for the NHS this evening. Waiting for face masks to arrive, I ordered them last week. Masks will be needed if /when I eventually use the bus service. Enjoy your glass of red Rufus2. Stay safe and well.

BlueSky Thu 28-May-20 18:55:25

Hi Rufus well you are the living proof that wine is good for you! (In moderation of course !) But has it got to be red? I love rosé, which I don't think it's very popular Down Under, in fact I have to have white when I'm over there. Still as long as it's a large glass it will do! We are having some glorious Med weather which has helped to cope in this soon to be eased lockdown. Cheers! wine