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Bicky Backy Boo Bah Boo..

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Espes Thu 28-May-20 22:52:58

Makes me think of that scene in Ghost. Patrick Swayze singing 'I'm enery the eighth I am ' over and over - maybe you could try that 😉

MissAdventure Thu 28-May-20 21:46:15


Stop it now. I'm embarrassed.

dragonfly46 Thu 28-May-20 21:13:06

Ann your post brought tears to my eyes - it is so true!

MissAdventure Thu 28-May-20 20:54:35

Ah, thank you so much, annsixty. That's made my day!

annsixty Thu 28-May-20 20:48:46

You are doing a wonderful and worthwhile job of bringing your GS up.
You are having to deal with a growing young man with all the worries and joys that that brings.
Good luck with it, I am sure he appreciates it all even though things may not always seem that way.
Well done.

fourormore Thu 28-May-20 20:47:50

He could be singing ..........
"I know a song that'll get on your nerves
get on your nerves
get on your nerves
I know a song that'll get on your nerves
get, get, get on your nerves!"

Believe me it sure does!


MissAdventure Thu 28-May-20 20:42:07

Well, he's in his own room, so as long as certain rules are followed, I suppose he can do what he wants.

I'm trying to work out a rule which bans making stupid noises.

nanaK54 Thu 28-May-20 20:35:15

Oh my life that would drive me mad, have you told him to stop?

Elegran Thu 28-May-20 20:21:55

Start singing "Maizy Doats and Doazy Doats and Little Lamsy Tivey" very loudly. If that doesn't do it, break into "Gillygilly ossenfefferkatzenellanbogan by the sea" and then supercallifragilisticexpeeallidocious". Repeat ad nauseam.

MissAdventure Thu 28-May-20 19:50:41

It has no meaning, but it's blooming annoying!

DanniRae Thu 28-May-20 19:49:30

Sorry what does it mean? Is it rude? confused

Lucca Thu 28-May-20 19:46:51

Ah well that’s different then !!

MissAdventure Thu 28-May-20 19:07:27

He's 12, though, Lucca!

grannylyn65 Thu 28-May-20 19:07:19


Smileless2012 Thu 28-May-20 19:06:43

grin how old is he?

MissAdventure Thu 28-May-20 19:06:33

If anyone is missing their grandchildren, I'm open to offers. grin

Lucca Thu 28-May-20 19:06:20

Wish one of my grandsons were in a room in my flat.
I love their babble. Enjoy !

Chewbacca Thu 28-May-20 19:04:25

wine? grin

MissAdventure Thu 28-May-20 19:03:28

I just wanted to say that grandson is in his bedroom, and that's all I can hear him saying. angry

I'd like to give him a smicky smacky boo bah boo.