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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 30-May-20 15:33:04

Composing in "Word" seems to be working! If it fails the message can be retrieved saving a lot of hassle.
Forestflame Welcome! Hedgehog: haven't seen one of those for ages, not for at least 50 years from when we left Olde England's shores for here. Our first dog then,Toby, had a very keen nose and even on our evening walkies he'd race off into the darkness and start barking his head off. Investigation with a torch found him circling (but not touching!) said hedgehog.
I guess your resident has a name!? our Granddaughter in Bideford has a resident tortoise called Joe; a bit easier to handle! grin
Aldom I've spent to-day wondering about that mysterious parcel waiting for me in the Mail Centre.
Not flowers, that's for sure, but something that the sender didn't give permission to leave on the front step.
Could it be something valuable? My mind is racing over all the possibilities! A box of facemasks? First prize from a raffle I've forgotten I entered?
Our Bideford granddaughter is a hospital nurse looking after mainly elderly patients and says facemasks are difficult to keep wearing after 2 hours She also gets through 5 pairs of gloves each 12 hour shift. hmm
It's incredible how much effect Corvid 19 is having in all aspects of life. Far worse for the UK than here, obviously!

Megs 112 years old! shock Wonder where the 2nd. oldest lives? In a nursing home I imagine, but I'm not after his job; the thought of another 20 years in lockdown would test my patience! shock
Btw; my memories of Blackpool Tower also recall my return visit, all grown up, showed I suffered from vertigo. I was most unhappy, yet as a kid we'd done it many times.
Corvid has certainly wrecked your family plans. As I've said before, condolences to you and family and I'm sure you and us will see the celebrations, "evenchually" as Manuel would say. wink
I see you signed off with 4 glasses last evening! Goodonya!
I'm sure BlueSky would be happy about that because it still falls within the definition of "in moderation" confused
It's Sunday again so time for prayers.
Good Health everyone. wine wine wine

Aldom Sat 30-May-20 19:54:24

Hello Rufus2 and other posters.
Bit late this evening. Long day in the garden as the weather was/is so good. I'd like to put you out of your misery R 2 re the parcel, but I can't. I arrived at the Sorting office at 10am only to find it closed! Opening hours on Saturday 7-9am!! So we'll both have to wait till Monday. Night night. 😴Keep well. 💐

Megs36 Sun 31-May-20 10:10:32

Hello Rufus, now a Sunday here sorry, today announcement that people who are shielded can’go out’ once a day from tomorrow, that means my husband therefore me too 🤗
My dear daughter in law (transplant recipient) sounds very excited and is planning her walks, she is very encouraging so may give it a go tomorrow. Yippeee.
Belated cheers , 🍷🍷🍷🍷👵🏻