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Nanderin Sat 13-Jun-20 08:52:50

Hi my shopping delivery is getting worse split bags pitza seal hole in it and various other things can't use. Cost a fortune with delivery. angry

ninathenana Sat 13-Jun-20 08:54:21


TwiceAsNice Sat 13-Jun-20 09:12:19

Complain and they will refund. I know you have spoilt goods but put will get your money back

Alishka Sat 13-Jun-20 09:58:24

As TwiceAsNice - COMPLAIN!
You'll be offered a replacement, so decide if you want that or insist on a full refund, prior to making the call, then just do itsmile
Oh! and will you come back and tell us how you got on? I think we could compile our own Database of shops which have given good/bad value in this time.
All the best.

Susan56 Sat 13-Jun-20 10:04:24

We have had damaged goods in our deliveries from both Tesco and Asda.Both were easy to resolve.
Asda has an option in the Your Orders section of their website and Tesco was a free phone number,phone answered quickly,very apologetic.In both cases refunds were in our account within a couple of days.