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A word of advice when looking in the mirror .....

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Riverwalk Mon 15-Jun-20 18:05:43 not wear your 'proper' glasses.

This morning for the first time in a long time I put on my proper glasses which I normally only use for theatre, cinema and a bit of telly. They are photochromic or whatever it's called when they go dark in the sun, so thought they would be useful for walking in the sunshine and then having a look in the shops.

Gawd, they show up every flaw, jowl, flab, wrinkles, ageing bits - all quite a shock!

Life is so much nicer in a bit of a haze smile

SueDonim Mon 15-Jun-20 19:01:28

Agreed, it’s much nicer seeing oneself as a blur! You forgot to mention suddenly noticing the incipient beard, too. grin

PamelaJ1 Mon 15-Jun-20 19:03:09

Even better if you close your eyes😂😂

phoenix Mon 15-Jun-20 19:08:03

I could pluck my eyebrows if I used a magnifying mirror, but............shock

grannyticktock Mon 15-Jun-20 22:34:35

And by the same token, get your friends to remove their glasses when they arrive. It also means they won't see the dirt and cobwebs.

You know that trope in old films, where a woman removes her glasses and a man suddenly notices her her and says, "My God but you're lovely!"? Well, the older people's equivalent is where the man removes HIS OWN glasses and then realises how lovely she is.

Callistemon Mon 15-Jun-20 22:42:00

It's when you see yourself on a family Zoom get together.
It's rather a shock.

Maggiemaybe Mon 15-Jun-20 22:49:23

The most important thing is never, ever, do what I once did, put a mirror on the floor and lean over it to pluck your eyebrows. It was about 15 years ago and I’m still recovering.

Callistemon Mon 15-Jun-20 22:58:02

My zoom picture was similar, I must practise some better angles.
I did experiment by putting on a face mask at one point but no-one noticed. They were too busy doing a quiz.

Maggiemaybe Mon 15-Jun-20 23:21:47

grin I find sitting well back on a Zoom call helps, so at least I’m not looming out at everyone and scaring the grandsons. But I have noticed my complexion looks very ruddy on Zoom. I’m not sure whether I’m blushing, suffering from HBP, or have just been overdoing the Rosy Glow face cream. I don’t look like this in the mirror. Not in a dim light anyway (I do favour a dim light).

Callistemon Tue 16-Jun-20 10:22:38

The problem is that DIL's mum looks naturally lovely grin