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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 20-Jun-20 14:20:08

Rufus F Sewell He was a current heart throb of GN Grannies when I enlisted and I'm thrilled to say I met him on TV this evening in Agatha Christie's "The Pale Horse". Give or take 50 years, we could have been twins, except he has black hair and parts it on the right and also it looks like he's the villain, which I could never be, but it's a 2 parter, so will have to wait next Sat'day!
Also this evening, my current favourite "Shakespeare and Hathaway" with Lu; she has such a lovely smile! smile
Anyway, back to more mundane matters. Several of the anti-Covid rules that were due to be relaxed are being back-flipped because of a worrying increase of new cases in Victoria. What is more worrying is that they're not linked to the recent demos; if they were we could say "told you so!"
I wonder if we'll have to settle down to a regime whereby it will be with us for decades, but not severe enough to be a pandemic!
Only 9 hours to the Solstice! By the time I've washed up the breakfast things tomorrow, the days will be getting longer! grin
Still plugging away with Win7 as it was a procrastination day to-day again! Problem is that even though it's officially Winter, when it's sunny the patio, facing North is lovely and warm, sheltered from any wind and a good place to be with a cup of coffee and the week-end papers! And then, before you know it, it's time for elevenses. sunshine cafe
Gardener gave all the roses a really sharp haircut in the usual English style; you definitely can't kill them by pruning. Thought I'd try broad beans again; last time the bush rats and/or possums got at them and removed just the beans, leaving the empty pods hanging there! sad
However I think the bush rats have long since departed; they would even raid the hanging bird feeders for the sunflower seeds put out for the parrots. I'd never put down poison no matter what and in any case we had the 2 dogs.

Good Health and enjoy the week-end!
wine wine wine.

Megs36 Sat 20-Jun-20 19:42:12

Stay Alert Stay safe Rufus, it seems one foot forward, one foot back, We’re expecting a call tomorrow from Sydney, how are things there I wonder.
Not much different here for us although I believe the 2 metre social distancing may change soon, we are having a short walk out but shielding still in operation. Fathers Day tomorrow so phone lines will be hot.

Jane10 Sat 20-Jun-20 20:04:58

Roll. On the vaccine. Looks like we'll all be priority to get it as most of us are over 50.
Just had drinks in the garden with nieghbours. Lovely company shame about the gale blowing but it was OK we're Scottish!