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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 22-Jun-20 13:29:17

This is a real time filler whilst you're still locked down/up! grin
Courtesy of "The Oldie" mag. No! I'm not on a commission, yet!
The pandemic could be long gone (hopefully) by the time you've visited even a fraction of these radio stations, not to mention the obscure locals.
Unfortunately, Victoria seems to be receding from that light at the end of the tunnel, with ever more confirmed cases, not all with known contacts
State Premiers are almost at war over border controls and with school holidays approaching all parents and their offsprings are fretting at not being able to head from South of the border North to the Gold and Sunshine coasts.
And with Winter well and truly here in Vic.; 12C maximums for days to come, war could break out any day!
Won't be long before each State has its own private army. hmm
Very sad news over that nutter in Reading! What on earth can a madman acting alone, so they say, hope to achieve!?

Megs Hasn't The Hokey Cokey been banned yet? Of course; it doesn't conform to the safe distancing rule, or whatever they call it! At least there would have been less chance for me to fall over!. confused

Our Council is co-ordinating a Zoom get-together as part of its social inclusion activities for the elderly. Sod's Law still applies because they've picked the very morning I'm having a necessary haircut! Andrew is working only Fri./Sats,so I can't pass up the appointment, otherwise I'll be the wild man of Borneo by the time another comes round, and meanwhile find myself thrown out of the Zoom sessions!
I'm doing this in GN messaging and I've feeling it's time to sign off before it all disappears!
Catch you soon,maybe on other threads! smile
Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Mon 22-Jun-20 14:23:54

I don't like Zoom for social chats really. Maybe it's because none of us have any actual news!
This months Oldie hasn't arrived yet. Hope it's soon but I've lost track of days. God it's boring. I even look forward to cleaning these days.
Cold, wet and windy today. Bracing. ❄️. Hard to imagine hot weather but apparently we're due a heatwave from Wednesday. Time will tell.
Hope your haircut goes well. Or why not just get a hairband? David Tennant wears one these days...

Grandmabatty Mon 22-Jun-20 19:41:23

I hope you take care Rufus2. It's such a sinister virus as it's affecting the world but isn't obvious if you see what I mean. Terrible about the attack in Reading. Now they're saying it was terrorist based. The weather here in Polmont has been very windy today and grey with showers. I've made apricot jam today and fruit scones. The jam will be given away mostly. Tomorrow I'm babysitting my grandson for a couple of hours to let my daughter catch up with work so I expect to be exhausted after!