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Good Evening Friday

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Rufus2 Fri 03-Jul-20 14:50:06

Hello again! Nice to be back and thanks again for your good wishes. Staying in bed all day appealed, but I had to get up for a visit and cancel my alarm system before 9.30 am, otherwise all hell breaks loose.! Anyway, I’m feeling much better, so once I was up and not spinning a bit of breaky

Callistemon A woolly Doova seems like a good idea, especially as we’re not even half way through Winter yet!

Just to start with a couple of plagiarisms! One of our daily papers runs a daily ‘Odd Spot!”

”Nasty evil spirits who swear at passersby are apparently haunting an English beauty spot. Ghost hunters Christine and Dave Thomas are investigating “Dead Woman’s Ditch” in Somerset’s Quantock Hills, after locals reported encounters with an angry woman dressed in white. “There is definitely something there” said Mr. .Thomas. His wife says that when they went to the ditch, a disembodied voice loudly told them to “f* off”.
Believe it or not!? It’s an English tale! grin
Grandad 1945 is a “Zummerzet” lad so he may be able to amplify!

Apropos our State lockdowns; VIC’s border with S. Australia is policed at a place called Bordertown, believe it or not, and two idiots turned up in a vehicle, but weren’t authorised to enter S.A. So they turned back, but then tried to sneak across via a dirt road, got bogged down in mud, had to be rescued and copped fines of $1,000 or so for breaching several Covid rules!
And they say there’s one born every minute!hmm
Another major crisis has arisen in Melbourne in that there will be absolutely no Australian “Rules” football this weekend because of Corvid 19. Matches are not even being played in empty stadiums (stadia?), but instead all teams are being despatched interstate to play in venues in NSW, W.Australia and Queensland!.
How that sits with the various States Premiers’ warnings to Victoria to keep out “you’re not welcome!” I don’t know. Maybe footballers are immune! sad
How the rest of the season’s fixtures will be played out is anyone’s guess, , but thinking of the thousand’s of kilometres between the States and lack of air travel, I imagine they’ll all stay local and enjoy their weather.
A brief look at Good Morning Friday was not very inspiring weatherwise today. Perhaps we should have a “Good Moaning” thread too! grin

Meanwhile, we’ve had a foul day today, 13C (felt like 6) and rain/drizzle all day; the forecast is rubbish,too.
Now that we’ve got 30+ suburbs locked down under police control with the border line running down the middle of some streets, some smart fellows have asked VicRoads to change their home address on their licence to show they are not living locally and therefore not subject to lockdown in that area! Beats me! Anyway Vicroads have already clamped down on that which in itself would attract heavy fines!

Talking of border controls, it would be difficult to see them being implemented between English counties given the multitude of roads and by-ways between them.
Although Hadrian’s Wall was on the right track, being built to keep out the “marauding Barbarians from the North!”grin
Wonder how 3 million Anglo Chinese will fit in!? One thing for certain is that they won’t be short of a bob or two!
Good Health wine wine wine I'm feeling much better already!


rafichagran Fri 03-Jul-20 15:00:28

Good Evening Rufus, the weather where you are sounds horrendous. Its breezy but dry where I live.
Glad you are feeling better.

BlueSky Fri 03-Jul-20 15:15:15

Hi Rufus glad you are feeling better. I've occasionally suffered with dizziness and it's not pleasant. Your BPPV sounds horrendous! I guess you can only stay in bed when it happens? Do you have warning signs when it does so you can at least sit down? Hope you have a good weekend. brewwine

EllanVannin Fri 03-Jul-20 15:50:12

Hi Rufus, your description of the weather sounded as though it was coming from us in the North West of the country. Only difference is that it's supposed to be summer here.

I've read that you've been confined to barracks so I do hope that you're now on the mend. The last time I was dizzy it was found I'd had a TIA and hadn't known only for a scan which confirmed it. I suppose I was saved from a fate worse than death by the mixture of statins and warfarin.

Sorry to hear that Melbourne is " closed " but there'll always be ways around that by the Covidiots grin However, there's always the fear of a really bad outbreak because of your winter, the same prospect that we have to look forward to here, especially if there's no more decent weather in the offing.

I often visit your city via the driver's eye view on the various tram systems which is fascinating and I now feel that I know the district like the back of my hand grin
I've physically stepped on Melbourne's ground when boarding the plane there onto Sydney. That's when flights went around the world taking 36 hours in all !

Stay safe and well and look after yourself from a dull drizzly and windy corner of the UK. x

Megs36 Fri 03-Jul-20 17:23:47

Good you’re back on form Rufus, think you may be right about a Good Moaning thread🥱🥱🥱
All the best 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂

Grandmabatty Fri 03-Jul-20 17:41:08

Hello from one of the 'marauding barbarians from the North!' 😊 we're very slowly coming out of lock down in Scotland. Snap for the weather! 13° and rain all day here and this is supposed to be our summer. I've even got the heating on. All my plans came to naught today. My son was going to meet friends at a nearby park and visit beforehand, however it has rained all day so it didn't happen. I've started a new knitting project and I'm knitting a throw for my bed. It'll probably take months. I'm off to make macaroni cheese for tea. Take care Rufus2 and all the good nighters x

Jane10 Fri 03-Jul-20 17:53:03

Yup it's dark and miserable here again today and no improvement in prospect. At least its not too hot anyway.
Glad you're feeling better Rufus2. You had us worried. We were missing your dodgy jokes!

Buffybee Fri 03-Jul-20 18:11:00

Hi Rufus, I hear you’ve been feeling a bit crook. All I can say is, you should take more water with it. 😂
Seriously though, glad you feeling better. Even though your weather sounds worse than here, I’m sure you’ll be out and about soon, Covid permitting!
Did you catch the highlights of yesterday’s match? Man City 4 - Liverpool 0.
Keep safe. OoRoo