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Rufus2 Sat 04-Jul-20 15:37:10

Hi! How’s it going in “Soggyland!? Had a quick squint at the Good Morning thread again on the way in and it looks like a photocopy of yesterday’s! Same here! “The Winter of our despair!”
Even more despair today with news that our daily toll of ‘new cases” in Melb., reached 75, yet another increase and back to last March’s maximum.
As a result, 9 multi-story Public Housing Commission buildings containing 3,000 residents have been put into permanent lockdown for at least 5 days! Police are patrolling in shifts of 500 officers to ensure no-one leaves or enters, otherwise fines will be issued and the lockdown possibly extended!sad
Seems very much “over the top”, but VIC is coming to be known as the Pariah state, as very little is happening elsewhere, “statswise”, although they still practice safeguards such as crowd limitations, social distancing etc.
Believe it or not, there are now reports of people being smuggled across the borders to “escape” from Victoria!
We’ll soon be thinking we are living in La-La Land!hmm

Buffybee Welcome! Long time no hear! Thank you for your greeting. As a “Tequila Sunrise” specialist, I’m surprised at you suggesting taking “more” water with it! The sort of thing my Doc. would say!
We’ve got the full match recorded of City v Liverpool, which I’ll watch tomorrow now that I know City won. Watched the City v Newcastle quarter-final this arvo; I’m not a fashion artiste so I wasn’t taken with City’s “away” strip! More than gaudy!grin

Jane Thanks too, for your greeting, but what’s this “dodgy jokes” meant to imply? You wouldn’t want to belittle Greatnan would you, because that’s where most of them came from!? Pity we’re not getting any from other contributors, to cheer us up.!

Megs I’m not “back on form” yet, naughty or otherwise and “social distancing” would make it far less enticing.grin

Ellan I think I’m on the mend, thank you, although the prognosis for BPPV is never encouraging! The Doc. carried out all the usual tests, looking for signs of a stroke, but fortunately found none. You must tell me about your tram driver’s eye (DVDs?) I haven’t found any yet; lots of train drivers’ "eyes.!"
Btw; did you see that message of mine “Mersey Muggers”? I immediately thought of your sea-side friends when I saw it!

*Grandmabatty It’s OK !You’re a friendly non-marauding barbarian obviously stuck indoors because of the “Big Wet” and I’d ask you to knit another “throw” for me, but I’m searching for a new Doona urgently!
Your Leader, I’ve forgotten what she’s called, came out strong saying that Scotland wasn’t going to follow England!
Sounded like she meant it!
It’s Sunday!
Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Sat 04-Jul-20 15:55:36

Hello Rufus2. I'm just back from a wet walk but it was enlivened by listening to old editions of 'Round the Horn' on my phone. I must look quite mad walking along bursting out laughing randomly. I love Julian and Sandy. Goodness knows how they got away with some of the jokes on that programme.
I can never remember jokes except deeply offensive ones do best not posted on here blushI'd be in big trouble.
Stay safe in that dangerous Victoria!

Grandmabatty Sat 04-Jul-20 16:10:19

Hi Rufus2. Yet again we have the big wet today! Maybe slightly less wet than yesterday. Tomorrow is to be grim though, with high winds and rain. Oh joy. I'm desperate for sunshine again and heat. Our leader is called Nicola Sturgeon and is moving very very cautiously. People where I live are generally being very sensible. I was in aldi this morning and the majority of us wore masks. Today has been housework Saturday. I've had a blether with a lovely neighbour and her dog and then visited my mum for a chat. She can be exceptionally difficult but today was only marginally nasty! ☺ I'm now off to make raspberry jam. I hope you are feeling better. Giddiness is so annoying isn't it? A bit like sea sickness that won't settle. Stay safe x

Jane10 Sat 04-Jul-20 16:47:24

This mask business is so frustrating. On days when I wear one I'm the only one in the shop wearing one so next time I don't and everyone else is wearing one and looking daggers at me! Can't win. Interesting that no shop staff wear masks. Oh well. This too shall pass!

Buffybee Sat 04-Jul-20 18:04:27

Just my little joke re: “take more water with it”. We all know a few glasses of Aussie Red are approved of.
I agree about the gaudy away strip but at least they’re plaguing well.
Enjoy your City v Liverpool match tomorrow/today???? You know what I mean. 😂. I’ll teleport a few of my famous Tequila Sunrises to enjoy with the match. OoRoo

Buffybee Sat 04-Jul-20 18:05:59

Haha! Not “plaguing”! Where did that come from? And once again, I’m sure you understood what I meant.

EllanVannin Sat 04-Jul-20 20:07:45

Hiya Rufus. I've been at it again with the tram drivers eye view but this time I changed tack and joined some chaps video of the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth. It was quite interesting as it explained and showed a German town Hahndorf which I didn't know about.

Just google tram drivers eye view, then the country of your choice-----or train drivers eye view. They're both great.

The BPPV is what I had after a TIA and I was given anti-sickness tabs which I didn't take. It was 6 months before it fizzled out though, so debilitating while it lasted. I was beginning to think that folk thought I was permanently drunk grin
Things just take that bit longer to heal as you get older so patience is a virtue at our time of life. You'll be right.

There's hope for us all when I read about the old screen star Olivia de Havilland who still rides her bike at 104 ! How about that ? I thought it was wonderful. That'd blow the cobwebs away.

I must have missed the bit about the" Mersey Muggers". Some of them let the city down badly the other week, it was shameful behaviour. There's always a handful that have to spoil it for everyone.
I think the one who set a firework at the Liver Building was an Everton supporter shock

Take care Rufus and keep away from Victoria----Victoria who ? Stay safe. x