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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 07-Jul-20 15:16:59

Hi! again! Another day of shock,horror! You’ve probably seen that we are getting deeper into the proverbial with lockdown in Melb. being extended for a further 6 weeks and now covers all of metropolitan Melb., still including Housing Commission blocks and some country areas.
NSW border will be closed from midnight tomorrow except for people with special permits, yet to be issued! Working that out will be a logistical nightmare because, for example, Albury -Wadonga are two towns facing opposite each other on the border, (River Murray) NSW and Vic, with half the population of each working across the border.
There are 55 crossings of the border requiring several hundred police and Army personnel to control.!
All lockdown controls to revert back to “tough!”
Weather still crook! Grey sky all day and fine drizzle! sad

Shawlands Welcome and so are your positive messages! Makes a change from some other threads! (Who said that?) hmm
Hope you stay! Where are you from? Not being nosey, but it helps to have a mental picture just for conversational purposes. Guess you’ve spent all that tax refund by now including its interest!

Grandmabatty; Thank you, 10 out of 10 so far! Do these words have appropriate Scotch adjectives, or is that automatically implied? I was teached “hoots mon” by the Goon Show characters, along with “Och Aye”, which I’m sure you’ve laughed at. Anyway, I do know now that “Scotch” is reserved for inanimate things such as whisky, eggs, porage, salmon mist etc. and not humans. grin
I’ll bet your kitchen is a magnet for wasps with all your jam making, but unfortunately I think it’s bee stings are said to be good for rheumatics; but as gym lovers say, no gain without pain!
I’m surprised that we get very few European wasps here because I’d expect them to proliferate with such relatively mild Winters. Now, flies! That’s something else!.

Megs; Shielding must be a necessary evil and obviously wouldn’t suit Alf Garnett with his regular outings to the pub! We’re surprised to see on TV News how relaxed everyone, or many anyway, seem to be regarding lack of social distancing around pubs and the like!
My nephew’s better half, Michelle of Bournemouth, she of the “beige cardi “saga, said last evening that they can visit their local regularly for a meal. Btw. she reminded me that it’s not only beige cardis, but shoes, skirts, coat and head scarves! Hardly beach wear! hmm

Good Health wine wine wine

Megs36 Tue 07-Jul-20 15:41:36

Sounds bad, further lockdown. Yes surprisingly not too bad at the weekend Actually got thanks/congratulations from police for no real bad behaviour in this county (Hertfordshire)!
How will the lockdown affect you Rufus?
Cheers and Stay Alert (Boris)

Jane10 Tue 07-Jul-20 16:29:58

Yes things sound bad in Melbourne Rufus2. Stay safe in your doona.
My son just phoned. He's thrilled to hear that he's going back to work. The restaurant is opening again later this month. The boss has had to lose 7 staff though 😔. By the time all the distancing and screens etc are in place plus disposable menus and staff PPE they'll struggle to even cover costs and that's if they're fully booked which is always a risk. A rotten time to be young.

Grandmabatty Tue 07-Jul-20 16:45:39

Afternoon Rufus2. It sounds very bad in Melbourne. Please take care. Your Scots word for today is 'neb'. And you've done so well so far, I'm not giving you any clues! ☺ Rheumatism has definitely declined since Sunday thanks but I expect it'll return. I've had two busy days babysitting but I really rather enjoy being needed and he's adorable. Tomorrow I will visit my mum for a chat and knit more of the throw. The weather has turned lovely now so I hope tomorrow is the same. Lemon sole , chips and peas for tea. X

rafichagran Tue 07-Jul-20 19:03:31

Evening Rufus it does sound bad in Melbourne. Stay safe and well.

EllanVannin Tue 07-Jul-20 19:50:46

Hiya Rufus, did you know that the border was also closed during the Spanish 'flu pandemic 101 years ago ? This will be the second time that borders have had to close.

Pauline Hanson's been having her say I notice. grin

Well we have 13 degrees today and a steady stream of rain. My feet are like blocks of ice but I'm resisting putting the heating on just for my feet so the best thing to do is soak them in a bowl of hot water. That'll work.

I've enjoyed Welsh lamb chops today with new pots and cauli. It went down a treat with home-made mint sauce.
I intended to grow all kinds of veggies this year but everything seemed to come to a halt in March and that was that. I could get some seed potatoes and grow them in a tub to have later on so I'll get a couple of bags of compost and get cracking ordering the spuds off ebay. I won't need to water them that's for sure. shock

I hope you're getting along alright with no more of your " episodes " , weather isn't conducive for getting out and about for you, it's nearly as bad as we've got here on the banks of the Mersey.

Cup of tea time for me now then a glance to see what's on the telly. I've been ironing on and off so it can go away now until tomorrow.

Cheerio for now and stay safe x