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Shopping at the supermarket

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freestyle Thu 09-Jul-20 10:48:56

While shopping in Asda and following the rules, why is it that the staff are standing around talking in groups not socially distancing. I had to leave two products off my list because I couldn’t get to them. Then standing at the checkout a voice comes over the tannoy asking us to remember to social distance to help keep the staff safe. Unbelievable!!!! I did have a word with the lady on the tannoy who said the staff do know about s/d and have been told about taking care to social distance. Tannoy lady is just as bad.

Tangerine Thu 09-Jul-20 10:52:06

I imagine the staff do their best. They must have to discuss things from time to time.

I think the supermarket staff where I shop are doing a great job.

FarNorth Thu 09-Jul-20 10:55:48

Shop staff seem to think the rules don't apply at work.
Tbf, it probably is impossible to be physically distant in cases in a supermarket, or in the cloakroom, so they have to pretend it's all fine in order not to crack up.

yggdrasil Thu 09-Jul-20 11:14:41

Why did you have to leave items off your list? All you had to do was say 'please would you move soI can get to that shelf'

ExD Thu 09-Jul-20 11:21:51

I think many places need to gently remind their staff to at least make a 'show' of social distancing at work.
I did work in a supermarket after I retired, and cloakrooms are impossible from a social distancing point of view, with rows and rows of lockers side by side in narrow aisles. Even though canteens are closed the staff need to eat their meals somewhere, and the canteen tables are the only place when its raining, though you could sit in your car if you have one.
I think we owe these underpaid workers a huge debt because they are actually risking their lives by keeping us supplied with food.
I wish they'd wear masks though.

Elderflower2 Thu 09-Jul-20 11:27:30

Power corrupts.

Riverwalk Thu 09-Jul-20 11:50:36

Along with other key workers I think supermarket staff have been stars during these exceptional times.

It seems very mean to be critical of these low-paid workers who've kept us fed for the past few months.

This thread reminds me of a previous one commenting on how fat nurses were!

Calendargirl Thu 09-Jul-20 11:51:29

I don’t think the staff in my Tesco have ever social distanced, it would have been difficult to do so when shelf filling etc.

They have done a great job, I don’t know where the country would have been if from the start of Lockdown they and all supermarket staff had refused to carry on if all the rules etc couldn’t allow them to do their job.

They must have been very worried about their own and their families health, but just had to get on with it.

Rosalyn69 Thu 09-Jul-20 11:54:20

I haven’t been in a supermarket for months but I do think the staff working through this pandemic have been and are “stars”.

Franbern Thu 09-Jul-20 12:01:21

I have continued doing my own weekly Sainsbury shop throughout. (I will be 80 years old next year, and, I suppose could have stayed indoors and let other people do this for me).

I always make a point of thanking any of the staff I see - do think they have been wonderful, continuing to work throughout. They have been consistently helpful and polite whenever I have needed to ask their assistance.

My goodness, people seem so quick to want to criticise other people - even those who are doing their very best, for extremely low wages throughout this crisis time.

Oldwoman70 Thu 09-Jul-20 12:04:22

I have found most supermarket staff are conscious of the social distancing rule, (I use Sainsburys). I did once have to ask one to allow me to pass because she had her trolley blocking one side of the aisle whilst she was working in the other, but that was the only time.

I think the staff should be commended for trying hard to keep shelves filled whilst still maintaining distance from other staff and customers. I am particularly thankful to the delivery drivers who kept me stocked with food during the time I was self isolating - all were unfailingly cheerful and helpful.

tidyskatemum Thu 09-Jul-20 12:21:12

Never mind the staff - what about the customers, most of whom now don’t seem to take a blind bit of notice of social distancing? I do a big shop every 10 days or so and that’s it, but each time the behaviour of other customers seems worse. I’m virtually the only person wearing a mask and trying to keep my distance when so many others just charge around paying no attention to anyone else.

ninathenana Thu 09-Jul-20 12:28:35

I was surprised to see our local Tesco have done away with the one way system in store. They still have one queue for the tills with a staff member directing you to the next available checkout. The in store cafe has reopened too.

BBbevan Thu 09-Jul-20 12:29:50

I hate our Tesco as the staff all shout ( and I mean SHOUT) to each other. Never mind if a shopper is standing near. They did this long before COVID, so I expect it is worse now with social distancing. Not that I have been there since March .

BlueSky Thu 09-Jul-20 12:42:17

The one way system seems a good idea but people ( including me) find it difficult to follow, if you forgot one item in a previous isle you automatically double back. What I do like is one way up and one down on pavements, that easy enough to do!

EllanVannin Thu 09-Jul-20 13:03:31

Well I'm going to brace myself for a trip to Asda next week. I'll get a taxi rather than a bus, or dependant on the weather I'll walk the 1/4 mile through the cemetery and just get a taxi back. I badly need to fill the freezer so it'll be a big shop with hopefully enough to last me a month or thereabouts.

I haven't been since March and I've missed the odd tit-bit that I inadvertently throw into the trolley. It'll be a whole new experience than the one I'd been used to.sad We've taken so much for granted.