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12Michael Thu 09-Jul-20 14:27:49

I know most years , we see new words and meanings , in the latest updates of the Dictionary .
It will be interesting to see what current words with meanings are added to a new edition of the book .

Alishka Fri 10-Jul-20 18:59:18

Hello Mick, how are you getting on with the latest Edition? Any new words you like?
Chambers was always my Dictionary of Choice and I'd always check whenever a new Edition was published to see if the definition of 'eclair' was the same..."eclair. A cake, long in length but short in duration" Glorious, isn't it? gringringrin
My Dictionary buying days are now long gone, but I still cherish my husband's Book of Quotations, don't know the Publisher cos the covers are long gone (like my husband,actually) which still has the stamp of a book shop in Bulawayo, and, of course, my Roget's Thesaurus....and, natch, a copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare....
Happy browsing, Mick!smile

Grandmabatty Fri 10-Jul-20 20:54:56

I can think of a number of new use of words, none of them pleasant! Shielding and social distancing to name teo.