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Good Evening Friesday

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Rufus2 Fri 10-Jul-20 13:18:42

Hi!Good Evening from The Covid Capital of OZ! Nothing much has changed here, except that tenants. from 8 of the 9 H.C apartments have been released from their special lockdown and allowed to go outside, but are now subject to the 6 week lockdown like the rest of us!
“Cases” were 288 yesterday, (Thursday), that’s after 165 the previous day! so not yet under control. sad
Glad to say our granddaughter in Bideford phoned this evening to say all is well. Her dog, parrot and Joe her tortoise are all doing fine too! Had to laugh when she said that her parrot passes the time talking to her dog!. Joe doesn’t have much to say, apparently! I’d love to get involved in that conversation; probably more enjoyable than some others I’ve had to put up with lately! Perhaps she can send me a tape or USB stick! grin
She’s just started 2 weeks leave and has been catching up with things she couldn’t normally attend to whilst at work, such as car MOT test . Fortunately her hospital has had hardly any Covid cases, but they wonder what visitors to the area will bring with them on their holidays Our phone call lasted 1hr. 48min. so plenty of reminiscing! hmm

Grandmabatty I wasn’t going to say anything about your grandson’s ark on wheels; I’m sure his imagination will turn it into a lifeboat, hovercraft or anything really! And you’ll probably get as much fun out of them too, but don’t let him operate the cement mixer with the real stuff. Play it safe and spare him some of your flour!

“neb”? Haven’t had much time to decipher this, but working on a theory that it would have a silent “p” or “k” up front. !?
Just noticed my internet warnng light is flashing amber telling me we’re off- line, but I’ll add a few more words just in case it comes back! (That was Thursday)
No it didn’t, so shut down and Hey presto it was back this morning, so just doing a bit of editing on yesterday’s message. Can’t afford to waste it. Our Premier today, in announcing the latest “cases”, said things will get worse before they get better and recommended we all use masks when out-of-doors! Sounds as if we will be obliged to wear them when things do get worse!. Govt. has ordered several million of them, so don’t bet against it!

Ellen Vannin We’ve had more railway entertainment this week with another Michael Portillo episode which held special interest involving Guildford; He “de-trained” to visit Dennis Bros., makers of one-off specials of buses, fire-engines etc and from where Dad retired. I never got to visit inside the place so the prog. held added interest.
Then it was Chris Tarrant's turn and he “did” Flinder’s Street station last year, “the busiest station in the Southern Hemisphere” which by comparison with his recent progs on Mumbai, Hong Kong, made Flinder's look like a country halt! His presentation was rather unusual in that he never appeared in front of camera once,: it was as if he was reading his script from somewhere else! Normally he and all the other star presenters are forever off the train dancing around with locals or shown feeding their faces!

Talking of feeding: TV News tonight reported a case where somebody ordered 20 take- away meals from a fast-food establishment which aroused the suspicions of staff, who reported it to police, who found a party and fined the lot about $13,000 for breaching Covid rules. Knowing the suburb they were very probably Vietnamese or Chinese, so could plead ignorance perhaps! I'd agree with that! hmm
So far so good! I’ll scram whilst the going’s good!
Good Health wine wine wine

Megs Just about to post then spotted your message!
Yes thanks, keeping well! It was the ISP who spoiled the party last evening; when that happens all services drop out Internet and phone leaving me with just my mobile which is mainly for emergencies in such situations. Not too cheap either, except for local calls, but free for 000 (your 999)
Hope you and DH are keeping as well as can be expected and enjoying more walks, weather permitting.! grin
Cheers! and Good Health.

Megs36 Fri 10-Jul-20 15:54:39

Glad it was only the pooter playing up Rufus, also good to hear from your granddaughter. I believe there are not too many hospitals in the West and residents are concerned about holidaymakers arriving with the Bug and waving signs telling them to GO HOME ,don’t blame them either.
Had a call from relations in NZ they are more or less back to normal whatever that is, and apparently some stupid idiot ignored (hotel) 2 week isolation stay rules and caused a lot of sanitising and shop closure etc, I believe he was arrested!

I’ve texted grandson in NSW but no reply, he’s either ignoring me or too busy🥱,same thing really.
. Keep well🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂

Jane10 Fri 10-Jul-20 16:12:05

Glad to your you're OK in that scary place Rufus2. I loved hearing about that parrot. My uncle's parrot used to order the dogs about 'get down off that sofa' etc and the dogs always obeyed. He also did space ship impressions - the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars to be specific. He was a keen movie fan.
Just catching up with The Sopranos. Am shocked at it for hours on end!
Lang may yer lum reek!

EllanVannin Fri 10-Jul-20 17:05:52

Hiya Rufus glad you're still remaining chipper in your neck of the woods. Just when you thought things there were returning back to near normality and you're all sent to Coventry again.sad

Glad that you had a chin-wag with your grand-daughter and her menagerie. My daughter has a parrot--Jasper, a real comedian, who, if you're laughing, he'll join in, but it swears now and again too and you have to ignore it. Like a child, if you laugh he'd do it all the more.
It has my daughter running ragged when it does the telephone grin

I think I watched all Portillo's train journey's and one of Chris Tarrant's in India. I tried to fit in a train journey in whichever country I was in at the time and realise that I've done a few over the years including a Christmas journey on the Orient Express for a Victorian Christmas dinner of 5 courses inc. wines and champagne. I was in a coach named Perseus.

It's not so warm here today on the banks of the Mersey, sun came out earlier but there's a stiff breeze to quell any warmth that might be. I'm sorry I hadn't done my washing though as it would have dried, never mind there's always another day--like tomorrow.

Enjoyed a piece of plaice today with some chunky chips and garden peas so I'll do for now.
I've got a bottle-brush shrub/tree just outside my window and it gets full of bees, I counted 7 of them before. I could do with a whole hedge-row of the shrubs to keep the bees happy. It's a bright red one but I want to look out for a yellow one so I'll probably get one off ebay.

Stay safe and well and keep warm. x

rafichagran Fri 10-Jul-20 19:18:49

Evening Rufus my friend had a parrot, who when any walked in the room would say hello, and then cuss at you. The children found it funny, much to the embarrassment of the owner.

Callistemon Fri 10-Jul-20 20:00:06

My namesake, EllanVannin! (The bottlebrush).
I do like Michael Portillo. The other train travellers are all copycat poor imitations.

Take care, Rufus.

Grandmabatty Fri 10-Jul-20 20:51:46

Jane 10 excellent use of Scots there! Rufus2 I'm glad you hadn't had a funny turn and it was just t'internet. You are way off with neb. Clue 2, you cover it with a mask to avoid covid. I hope things in Melbourne improve. I like the sound of the parrot! Grandson loved the cement mixer and ark and played for ages. I watched him at my house for five hours and was thoroughly knackered! But I enjoy spending time with him. Then I visited my oldest and dearest friend who has just lost her mum. We had a long chat remembering past times and got quite emotional. The weather today has been warm and bright and it's to herald a nice spell so I'll go shopping tomorrow morning. Take care all x