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Wonderful time with Dd and Dgs.

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larry5 Fri 10-Jul-20 17:29:25

Today for the first time since lockdown I went into Bath (my nearest big town) with my Dd and Dgs. We went into the Kids Cafe which has reopened with lots of safety measures. As we left the car park Dgs who is nearly 3 said “it was going to be such fun”. We had a lovely time but I did feel that it was a bit sad that a three year old has missed out on so much that going shopping was such a delight for him.

He held my hand the whole time we were walking as if I might disappear if he let go. He also didn’t stop talking as his speech has developed so much in the last three months. A very happy time.

Madgran77 Fri 10-Jul-20 17:31:37

How lovely larry5. We were visited by our son, DIL and 2 grandchildren at the weekend is so lovely to be doing some "normal stuff" isn't it! smile

Jane10 Fri 10-Jul-20 18:06:49

Lovely to hear this. It's gradually going on all over the country sunshine

Katyj Fri 10-Jul-20 18:41:40

Aww that’s lovely Larry it’s heart warming. Our youngest Granddaughter couldn’t say much before lockdown ,now she’s just about fluent to hear her call us grandma and grandad for the first time was just amazing .

maddyone Fri 10-Jul-20 18:48:00

That’s lovely larry. Glad you enjoyed it.

varian Fri 10-Jul-20 18:56:51

I am glad you had such a happy day with your little DGS, larry5

I have often thought how hard the separation must have been for the GPs of little ones.

Our DGCs are now older and we have had many years of close contact and cuddles. It would be very hard to explain social distancing to a three year old.

We saw some of our family last weekend for the first time since February. The DGs are aged between eleven and fourteen so they do understand what is going on.

We had no hugs and spent our time in the garden at least 2m apart, but it was still lovely to see them.

larry5 Fri 10-Jul-20 19:14:00

Although dgs is talking very well and can say green and grandad he will not call me granny but he has decided that I am Banny and grandpa has always,since he started talking, been Papa which I rather like as my grandfather was also called Papa as my older sister could not say grandpa.

I think that I will keep the name as it is very personal to me as it was chosen by dgs and Dh likes being Papa.

Gingster Fri 10-Jul-20 19:23:39

So happy for everyone seeing their darling gc’s. Iwill be seeing mine next week , so really excited about it.

My eldest GD is 18 next t week and since she began to talk, she called my DH Gaga. It stuck and the subsequent 7 GC all call him Gaga. It’s ok until we’re out in public and when they call out ‘Gaga’ , it can be a bit embarrassing 🤣.

I love these names that stick. 😍

SueDonim Fri 10-Jul-20 19:54:57

That’s lovely, Larry5. smile

Similar experience here. My 2.5yo GD is here and she remembers everything about our house even though it’s almost six months since her last visit. Our cats have been loved to death! 😻

Your comment about speech seems to be echoed by others. My GD has good language skills anyway but she now converses like an adult with all the little extras that mean you can just have a conversation with her.

My son’s 3yo has also come on in leaps and bounds, speechwise, when previously it was quite difficult to understand her, and a friend’s 4yo GD who had very garbled speech has also made huge strides.

I don’t know if it’s because they’re spending more time with adults rather than children their own age but it’s been a marked difference.

Jane10 Fri 10-Jul-20 20:55:26

I remember being very upset when my parents decreed that we couldn't call our grandparents Gaga and GanGan any more. 😞. I can't remember how old I was at a time but it felt like a big blow. We had to get used to calling them Gran and Grandad which we got used to in the end but...

Chewbacca Fri 10-Jul-20 21:35:40

My 2 GC came for their first sleepover this week; the first since early March. They were so excited (I was a bit nervous because it had been so long since they'd been away from their mummy and daddy and I was expecting 03.00 tears and cries to go home) but it was just like it always was. But boy, was I glad when they'd gone home the next day! grin

Spice101 Sat 11-Jul-20 01:42:37

The delight in seeing one's grandchildren - and children- after months in isolation is wonderful and such a morale booster. However, after only a month or so of being able to do so in Melbourne (Australia) we have been put back into lockdown for at least the next 6 weeks. In the last 3 weeks we have had as many new cases as we had in the previous 3 months. So, make the most of any contact you are able to have as who knows what is to come.

Furret Sat 11-Jul-20 06:40:16

Sobering words Spice and sad too. I fear this might happen here too. Hope everyone abides by the rules and you can unlock safely at the end of the 6 weeks.

Make haste slowly seems to be the sensible way.

farview Sat 11-Jul-20 20:18:01

Wise words Spice....keep safe!
My grandson, 4yrs old, was in our garden today and I'd put lots of his toys outside, he ran to them and said " grandma I've not seen these for about a long year!"...😊