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problem with glass bottled door step deliverys?

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infoman Mon 13-Jul-20 07:19:59

The very large milk bottle delivery company has changed the way we pay for the milk.
So no milk on the door step this monday morning
I forgot to sign up for the new scheme,don't think I am the only one and its my fault.
Will sort out later.
Just a heads up,
please don't get despondent if this happened to you and please sign up for the new system.
Just think of all those plastic milk containers you will not end up sending to the recycling centre/s

Furret Mon 13-Jul-20 08:02:32

We have bottled milk (and eggs, butter, etc) doorstep delivery. Apart from keeping plastic waste down, the convenience of not carrying heavy items home, and supporting local businesses then I swear the milk tastes better.

Isn’t there something about micro-particles from plastics entering the body?

Iam64 Mon 13-Jul-20 08:23:47

Furret, I wonder if you live near me. At the start of lockdown we went back to having milk delivered from a local farm. We also have free range eggs and butter from the same place, plus they make and deliver ice cream.
The milk does taste better. The farm tell me its because their milk is so fresh.
We'd cancelled home delivery (not from them) about 10 years ago as the milk was going off within a day or so. Never go back to supermarket milk now.

Furret Mon 13-Jul-20 08:33:07

Iam64 I’ve had my milk and other bits and bobs delivered for the last 5 years. It was a blessing during the early stages of lockdown when eggs, for example, were hard to come by.

I suggested to a few neighbours that they should do the same in early March when I could see where things were heading. Those who did managed to get on their books, those who left it till much later didn’t because it was a small local dairy and they couldn’t take on too many extra customers.

rubysong Mon 13-Jul-20 08:33:21

We were the same Infoman. We didn't realise we had to set up the account on line but once we got it sorted out works very well. Easy to change the order and payment is taken every week without us doing anything. The milk is on the step when we wake up and no plastic!

Furret Mon 13-Jul-20 08:35:25

There’s something very reassuring rubysong about opening the front door and finding a nest of milk bottles, eggs, etc...isn’t there?

PECS Mon 13-Jul-20 08:40:40

Have had a doorstep milk delivery for about 35 years..both at current home & in London. Occasional hiccups but mostly absolutely fine.

Babs758 Mon 13-Jul-20 08:42:06

I think I use the same “large” company. Using the online system is easy and I also get ginger beer and cream delivered for the weekend. More expensive than supermarket but I like the glass bottles and being able to recycle them.

Galaxy Mon 13-Jul-20 08:42:47

I assume milkmen have seen a massive increase in trade, we started getting eggs milk and orange juice at start of lockdown, cant imagine changing it. Orange is lovely.

Witzend Mon 13-Jul-20 08:49:14

We never stopped having doorstep deliveries in glass. It’s certainly more expensive than the supermarket, but one less thing to have to think of buying/lugging home, and so much less plastic in the recycling.
We also have a few other items delivered regularly - FR eggs, the Greek style yoghurt Dh likes, and fresh orange juice.
Other items now and then.

Around the beginning of lockdown they were so inundated with new customers, old customers like us couldn’t order anything extra, e.g. butter or a veg box - everything was coming up ‘not available’.

Anniebach Mon 13-Jul-20 09:01:27

Have had door step delivery since we moved here in 1970,
3rd generation of same family. Milk, bread, butter, eggs, chocolate, biscuits, even potting compost

eazybee Mon 13-Jul-20 09:06:58

For the first time in my life I am buying milk from the supermarket. I have used the dairy delivery service all my life, but took exception to orders from my supplier, Milk and More, to change to an online account, for their convenience. I supported them for over thirty years here even though the price of milk was almost double that of the supermarket because I believe the farmers received a better price for their milk, but the final straw came during lockdown when I enquired about extra goods being delivered and was informed , brusqely, that I was number 22,000 plus in the queue and they could not say when my order would be accepted. Apparently our local supermarket has noticed a distinct rise in the sales of milk, so I am not the only one. Sales lost due to a poor understanding of customer relations.

Maggiemaybe Mon 13-Jul-20 09:10:55

We’ve always had a doorstep delivery, and I agree it tastes better. smile And it’s been so much easier since our system went online. Until last year we’d get a scrappy bit of paper with just a total scribbled on every few weeks, and keeping abreast of what we’d had was a pain. One delivery person seemed to disappear off the face of the earth and we still owe her for several weeks, despite trying to contact her by phone, email, Messenger and post. Now it’s a monthly, itemised bill, paid in a couple of clicks.

Witzend Mon 13-Jul-20 09:15:21

Personally I’ve always found an online account very convenient, eazybee - no need to leave cash or cheque out for the milkman, who always comes in the wee small hours anyway. And I do find being able to order extra items - or cancel them - online very quick and convenient.

Though I do agree that it was a real pain early in lockdown, having to wait in an online queue, but that stopped some time ago now, once the general panic-buying eased off.

Babs758 Wed 15-Jul-20 11:56:51

Milk and more are now starting to Deliver recipe boxes with ingredients to make a sweet sour chicken or a Spanish fish meal. They must have done the research first to see it this would be worthwhile. I cook from scratch and do my own recipes but can see how this might be useful for people. I like the sourdough bread they deliver too although hubby is becoming very good at making this.