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The Last Rose....

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Calendargirl Wed 15-Jul-20 08:54:59

Just listening to ‘The Last Rose Of Summer’ on the radio.

So poignant, always makes me feel, well, sad but an enjoyable sad if that makes any sense!

Also feel the same when I hear ‘We’ll Gather Lilacs’.

Is it because they are season based?


Witzend Wed 15-Jul-20 09:48:21

Not the point, I know, but I always wonder about the ‘last rose of summer’, given that we often have the odd brave one still out here* at Christmas!
*outer SW London, it’ll be different further north, I know.

The songs that make me sad are some of the poignant WW2 era ones. Something to do with the long-gone style of singing (e.g. Goodnight Sweetheart) and the fact that so many of the original listeners are dead and gone.
So just another aspect of ‘passing seasons’ I suppose.