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Weight gain in lockdown?

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Daddima Thu 16-Jul-20 19:04:24

A cautionary tale.

Jane10 Thu 16-Jul-20 20:00:17


seacliff Thu 16-Jul-20 20:15:31

he he love it

fourormore Thu 16-Jul-20 20:52:57

Daddima during lock-down I have been regularly emailing jokes out to a long list of friends and relations just to raise a smile in these 'still difficult' days.
I hope it is ok but I would like to nick this one as it is brilliant!!!
Thank you grin

sharon103 Thu 16-Jul-20 20:58:57


TwiceAsNice Thu 16-Jul-20 21:02:32

Not really a joke is it to take the piss out of someone dying !

Jane10 Thu 16-Jul-20 21:16:47

Sounds like you didn't get it.

fourormore Fri 17-Jul-20 09:20:33

I'm sure Twiceasnice didn't realise that it was intended to make us smile and not to be taken seriously.

It's important these days to bear in mind that we are all having differing emotions, and bearing in mind the language she used perhaps something is going on with Twiceasnice to make her react like that?

As I said above - I have been sending jokes out to friends etc. but they all know they can stop at any time and that they are meant to cheer us up.

I hope all is ok with you Twiceasnice - please don't take offence as I'm sure none was not intended.

JennyNotFromTheBlock Fri 17-Jul-20 09:22:28

LOL, that's awesome!! I've also gained some weight and now trying to get rid of it

Alishka Fri 17-Jul-20 17:22:29