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Hello Rufus

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Megs36 Mon 20-Jul-20 11:00:08

Hope alls well, your fan club is missing your daily epistle. Lovely weather here still in SE although I gather not so good in the North We have been very lucky where I live with wall to wall summer through most of the lockdown, hope you are not too cold and keeping well.

Rufus2 Mon 20-Jul-20 12:37:59

Good Evening Megs; Thanks for your concern. Nope! All wasn't well yesterday. I'd struggled all day with a prepaid "dead " mobile which turned out to be short of credit, then my landline followed, although my "bundled" Internet connection was OK. Then I finally remembered the old trick of shutting down then restarting the modem and "alleluja". During all this I managed to fall off the kitchen chair, having just finished dinner, Actually, the chair fell and I went with it, stretching out for something to my right! Couldn't get up, pressed my alarm, they contacted 1st. emergency, unable to lift me, but fortunately 3 workmen from opposite house, came to my rescue. They were Chinese, but built like Japanese Sumo wrestlers and had me back on my feet in no-time. hmm
That chair is now my naughty stool and has passed its use-by date.! It's C of G is too high with me on it!
Btw; This isn't my epistle although it could easily have been my eulogy! grin
Good Health wine wine wine and No! I hadn't had any of these,; that came later!

BlueSky Mon 20-Jul-20 12:46:58

Oh Rufus I was just going to mention you! Glad all is OKish, but not convinced wine wasn't involved in your fall! Have a nice cup of tea instead! grinbrewcupcake

Squiffy Mon 20-Jul-20 12:55:57

Oh dear Rufus!😱 Glad it’s only the chair that was broken! 👍 We never learn, do we?! A stretch too far ……… Take (more!) care of yourself. 😃

Jane10 Mon 20-Jul-20 12:58:23

Oh blimey Rufus2. Take it easy! So frustrating when modern technology let's you down and your chair follows suit. Hope you're not too sore after that.
Watching a rerun of Michael Portillos rail journey round Oz has reminded me how much I loved it. Not sure I could face the flight again though.

EllanVannin Mon 20-Jul-20 13:20:10

Rufus so sorry to hear about your accident, you'll have to be careful as you don't want any cuts/gashes either. Can't even say " take more water with it " as you'd got your dinner inside you.
Hope you weren't shaken up too much.

Now and again I do my " peeping Tom " act, as there's an old man who lives across the garden from me and if I don't see his bedroom window open ( he opens it everyday ) I look through his lounge and bedroom window to make sure he isn't on the floor. He's fallen a few times this year, nothing broken fortunately but I let the support team know and usually an ambulance/paramedics are sent out to check him over.

He has an alarm but if he's flat on his back he can't reach it particularly if his pendant is elsewhere too.

It rained every day here in the NW last week and yesterday there was a respite from it as we had sun although a bit blustery but ideal for drying the washing. Today is still unsettled, sun and cloud but no wall to wall warmth such as the South of the country has.

I feed an old stray tom cat outside in the garden and bought a kennel for it a couple of years ago, and placed a new fleece in it for his comfort. Last year, the fleece went missing and when I looked up the garden, it looked as though it had been dragged along.

The culprit was a fox as I'd heard it in the night so it must have been looking for bedding for the cubs. I got rid of the fleece because if the scent was on it the cat won't go back into his kennel.

Anyway, I wiped out the kennel and put another new fleece in it so old tom was happy to sleep there over winter until lately when again the fleece was halfway out of the kennel so I'll have to go through the whole process again because obviously the fox is around somewhere. Good job these fleeces are cheap. I can get one for around £3 and it doesn't matter that it has Postman Pat on it grin

If I was where you are it would probably be a Wombat I'd find in the kennel or even a Possum curled up.

Lunchtime calling here now and it's a nice and easy salad with sliced meat left over from yesterday.

There have been no cases of the dreaded virus where I am and 1 death last week which was in Liverpool, so fading nicely for now ( fingers crossed )

Look after yourself and take care x