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Needs A Clean.

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Calendargirl Sun 26-Jul-20 17:55:10

Our local community page often has items for sale.
Is it just me, but am always amazed when things are advertised e.g. pushchairs, high chairs, garden furniture, toys and suchlike, and the advert says in the blurb ‘needs a clean’.

Same with clothing. ‘Has been stored, needs a press’.

I’ m no Martha Stewart, but would not dream of advertising anything that needed cleaning or ironing before offering it for sale. Or donating it to charity either.

Grannyben Sun 26-Jul-20 18:00:31

I did. I had a very nice pushchair that had been used for my grandchildren. It had the usual signs of wear.
I advertised it on our local free site, explaining that it needed a clean. I had wiped it down but, I wouldn't have had any idea how to get the good eye off.
It went to a lovely young lady, who was in desperate need, and she was very happy to strip it down.
I would never charge for something like this.

Grannyben Sun 26-Jul-20 18:01:17

How on earth did hood become good eye!

MellowYellow Sun 26-Jul-20 20:31:54

Gremlins! Thank you Grannyben for a selective text giggle.