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It's like being handed a book with last page at front.

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Direne3 Thu 30-Jul-20 15:01:20

Maybe it's just me but I find it confusing that most forums need to be flipped before I can start reading from the start. Problem for anyone else? Please register your vote - YES to change or NO to remain. 'Just askin' so keep it nice please. grin

Esspee Thu 30-Jul-20 15:14:16

I am not sure I understand you Direne3. You are reading each subject heading in it’s entirety?

tanith Thu 30-Jul-20 15:15:08

If you to ‘my Gransnet’ right down the bottom of this page you can personalise your settings Direne3

Greenfinch Thu 30-Jul-20 15:25:52

I am not sure I understand either but if you have kept up with a thread and/or contributed to it,why would you want to go back to the beginning ?

kittylester Thu 30-Jul-20 15:32:23

I dont understand. I book mark the last post I read, if that helps.

Are you new direne - welcome if you are and sorry I've not spotted any of your posts if you are not.

Direne3 Thu 30-Jul-20 16:28:09

Thank you so much Tanith, that explains it. Going to check out my settings right now. As they say 'if all else fails, follow the instructions'.

Direne3 Thu 30-Jul-20 16:38:24

Hooray, just used the customise button at the top and I'm sorted. blush

tanith Thu 30-Jul-20 18:48:56

Well done Direne3 I’d forgotten about that customise button.