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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 01-Aug-20 13:53:22

Hi! If at first you don’t succeed,...! Almost always when about to post, the message disappears, like last evening.
How are we all? A few are probably not too happy with your hot weather, but take heart , it will have gone come Monday!
We are 1C min. to 17C max. sunny all day, but the “glamorous” TV presenters are warning of very cold weather for next week!
Megs Bet your husband can’t wait to get to the barber’s if he has ringlets like Shirley Temple, but it’s good he and you will be free of shielding, although he will be obliged to wear his mask, I imagine. Could be a blessing in disguise, literally, if it cuts out the usual chat about politics.!
Grandmabatty Why would anyone want to holiday in Spain when Llandudno is on your doorstep, sort of! ? Jane loves “wet and rainy”. but she also loves cold; that’s why they are heading to Balmoral, probably for DH to show off his tartan “trews”! shock
It seems like “sons Neil” eventually “come good” and take after their mothers; ours is just as compassionate, cheerful and always easy-going, just like Vera, but he does have blue eyes, just like his Dad!
Can’t say our Premier is too cheerful right now after announcing the latest stats; 392 new cases and 3 elderly deaths. He all but said we will be hit with stage 4 restrictions tomorrow.
Those 3 girls who caught Covid whilst partying, illegally visiting Melb. have been charged and will reappear in Court end of Sept. I reckon they should throw the book at them right now; maybe the authorities don’t want them in prison whilst they are still infected. We wouldn’t want inmates to catch it too! hmm

My hunt for a Doona has so far taken me to India and China, of course. Phone calls for ordering info. tend to finish up in o/s call centres. surely there must be an Aussie manufacturer still alive!?

TV News showed shots of crowded beaches due to the hot weather, this time at Brighton which if my painful memory serves me right has pebbles instead of sand! Ouch!
Wasn’t that where they had elevated electric tramcars running along the beach just out into the sea.? That would have been exciting!

Good Health Everyone [wine[ wine wine

Megs36 Sat 01-Aug-20 16:25:46

Hi Rufus, good you got your message in, I guess you know lots of areas in the N and some I think the SW. are in lockdown here again.,so depressing, like lots of peoplewe had things cancelled or postponed . A Picnic is planned for a few weeks time when all family were getting together in a local park for a family celebration for our Diamond Wedding Anniversary (sorry if Im repeating myself here} but worried bout the
logistics as they are pretty spread out and hope the lockdowns don’t spread furtherdarn sarf!Your news not too good with
more restrictions being put in so quickly.
Right enough Brighton’s pretty crowded, don’t know how any rules can be enforced, I suppose they all think safety in numbers.
Hope you find your doona soon whilst it’s still cold enough to appreciate it⛄️
Very hot here again, more watering plants again tonight.

Megs36 Sat 01-Aug-20 16:35:35

PS Googled Doona quilt, I guess you've already done this, quite a lot of info from Amazon and also several shops, not sure how this would work for Australia.

rafichagran Sat 01-Aug-20 19:38:13

Good Evening Everyone.

Grandmabatty Sat 01-Aug-20 21:51:48

Good evening Rufus2 it was hot yesterday but more manageable today. Still bright and sunny though. Nice to know another Neil is a good'un. Mine has blue eyes and takes after his dad whereas my daughter and grandson have deep brown eyes like me. Tonight was a family pizza night when most of us got together at my daughter's house. Even my mum made it which was nice. I hope you can track down a suitable doony to keep cosy. No wine for me. I'm being good. Night night.

Jane10 Sat 01-Aug-20 22:23:46

Good evening Rufus2 and everyone else. Well we had an exciting time. Our non existent social life burst into action and we were invited for drinks and nibbles at friends down the road. It was lovely to be in someone else's house and enjoying talking about different things.
DH is off racing his old car tomorrow or is it a hill climb? Something vintage anyway. I'll be off to DDs for lunch and a play with the wee boys.
Hope things improve in Melbourne soon (and down south too)

Callistemon Sat 01-Aug-20 22:51:44

Rufus the hot and sunny weather didn't last long, in fact it changed to windy, cloudy and cooler mid-afternoon yesterday.
Melbourne weather, ie wait a minute and it'll change!

There are lots of Aussie-made doonas but they are probably twice the price, unfortunately.

Brighton's pebbles! Takes me back as I had an aunt who lived in Hove whom we used to visit when I was a child. Yes, the beach was pebbly but not sharp pebbles, more rounded sea scoured ones. I used to love going there.

Cheers wine