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stevierichards1954 Mon 03-Aug-20 05:03:07

Hello world
August 2020 starts with a new journey in life for me. Although free of ties, I miss the connections of my recently departed friends and son
I miss the times together and fond memories of them and my son who was apple of my eye. Friends that I saw life through good and bad times.
The week ahead starts with seeking those dare say substitutes.
With lock down supposidly easing yet parts of country returning to strict rules, a close one I would love to hold I can't. That physical contact is so missed.
Where I had the hugs kisses that now have left, I desire a friend who I met just before lockdown.
He has been a rock in my recent months so hoping I can start my latter day journey
Thank you

Megs36 Mon 03-Aug-20 09:29:47

Yes, at 3 in the morning all these things are so much more intense aren’t they? We all need a hug now .

Taichinan Mon 03-Aug-20 09:41:25

So sorry for your losses. Life can be so very hard. Just try to live in each moment without looking backward or forward. The time passes. And eventually you feel strong enough to start living each moment again. The enforced isolation of recent months, along with the fear and uncertainty, have been very hard. But the sun will shine again. Believe it. 🦋💐