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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 05-Aug-20 15:24:14

Good Evening Everyone; Not so good here though! Coldest spell for 25 years; 1C to 11C and small hail! Could be worse; Tasmania for example! hmm
Thank you All for your kind thoughts yesterday. I’m simply trying to live up to her ideals, some of which can be exemplified by her choice of “Always look on the Bright Side of Life” for her Service.
That’s a bit of a struggle in these sad times with our worst day ever yesterday for Covid stats; 725 new cases and 15 deaths, mainly elderly again.
Our 8 to 5 curfew obviously has to run for many more days yet to show any benefits. To back it up, many small businesses are to shut down again, e.g. hairdressers, beauty salons even gardening services, but why them I just can’t understand. Out in the open air; who can they infect?; and the grass won’t “lock down.”
We’ll all be looking like hermits before the end! hmm
Another good TV doco this evening about building the “Chunnel” Always fascinating to go back and marvel at the engineering skills from both sets of engineers and the mindboggling figures regarding costs and the vast amount of excavated material and how they “disposed” of it.
Next Wednesday is “The Blitz” and how Liverpudlians coped!

Jane I sat up to take notice of your ref. to a GN Zoom session. Didn’t know it existed! Whose the host and how can I score an invite; giving ny email address of course; no problem.? We have set up a tiny Zoom group here consisting of a few members of our “Oldies” computer group to replace our school meet-ups which are off the menu thanks to Covid. I’ll be really interested!

Grandmabatty “poured all day” What else, living oop North.! wink
Reminds me of a joke . aired on GN before.
Lady talking on phone to friend;
“I think my husband is depressed.
It hasn’t stopped raining for 3 days
and he’s done nothing but stare through the window.
If it’s still raining tomorrow I suppose I’ll have to let him in!"

Megs Bet my garage has got more “stuff” than yours! grin
When we left “The Old Dart” all those years ago we (I) had to leave loads of it behind. Then we bought this house, complete with a brand new double garage and would you believe it was full of “stuff” in weeks! Most of it was Vera’s, (for a change) because she soon became heavily involved in floral art requiring us to scour the countryside and beaches for twigs, and branches with “interesting” shapes for floral art demos.

Remember the earlier car windscreens that would shatter into a million pieces when hit by a stone? Happened a lot on some of our country roads and the standard procedure was to punch it out onto the side of the road. Hawkeye Vera was skilled at spotting these and there we’d be gathering them up..Reminded me of Dad when living in M/c sending me out the front after a horse and cart had been; “good for the rhubarb”! grin
Anyway, there was method in this madness, in recycling terms, because she’d coat a cardboard tube in glue and stick all the pieces on; it looked very effective in the right light.
I must shut up! It’s Thursday!
Good Health wine wine wine

AGAA4 Wed 05-Aug-20 15:45:40

Rufus My mum was 19 in the Blitz on Liverpool. She told me she was coming home from work when the siren went off. She could hear the German planes coming and froze as she was nowhere near home. A warden appeared and dragged her into a nearby bunker, which was packed with people.

When they came out most of the houses had gone or been severely damaged.

A nice bedtime story for you!

Grandmabatty Wed 05-Aug-20 15:59:11

Rufus2 that joke was really good. I laughed out loud so thank you as it's another miserable day here. It was dry earlier but now that persistent rain is falling. It sounds so cold where you are! Definitely you need to be cosy. When I think of Australia, I think of blazing hot beaches and The Outback and places like Alice Springs, not snow! After two days baby wrangling, I've had a more peaceful day of sorts. I picked up my prescription, then visited mum. Back home an old friend called in which was unexpected and nice. Then a video chat with two friends. I've also had dealings with dodgy hedge cutters but I'm letting that go and being grateful for a good day. Take care x

Jane10 Wed 05-Aug-20 16:05:36

Rufus2 the zoom session was today and we had the usual chat. It's just about 7 of us East of Scotland Grans who used to meet up for lunches and larks cultural outings. Not sure how easy it would be for an international link. I'm not the organiser. I'll ask her though in case she doesn't see this.