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Rufus2 Fri 07-Aug-20 14:43:02

“Anti-social Distancing”
I think it was Newton who said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction! Something like that! Here’s a modern day example! Tashie 18, one of 3 granddaughters living in Brisbane, holds down two part-time jobs, one is with McDonalds, (rather ironic considering she’s a devout Vegan, but it pays money! hmm) ;
the other is with a fruit and vegie shop., the other day a lady objected to another lady in their queue standing too close behind her and told her to move back. No response so she started to use her trolley as a battering ram against the “offending” lady’s trolley to reinforce her point! As they say, you wouldn’t read about it!
I’ll find out if there was a sequel; maybe the second lady retaliated in kind, I know some who would.
Only in Queensland! grin
That can’t happen in VIC due to Stage 4 restrictions on numbers allowed and I’m quite happy to stay indoors; it’s freezing out there!

Megs now there’s another technical term appeared for doonas “Tog” ? Fortunately my faithful old Doona still functions whilst I scour the Internet.
I know you’re pleased to hear your grandson is “alrightish” in NSW.; its never good if you hear nothing.
All I know is that the various borders between States are constantly being opened and then shut according to hotspots. VIC is a permanent hotspot and will be for some time to come. We’re not at all welcome, although they would like our tourist money to save their economies.

Our Chief Medical Officer didn’t appear at the official daily TV briefing and rumour immediately had it that he’d fled! With the new daily cases still well above 400, his Hippocratic Oath must be feeling the strain especially when super-idiots are still with us.

Jane Thanks for your suggestion re: our Zoom hosting GNetters, but I don’t think it would be an easy thing to manage for anyone unfamiliar with time-zones and others would balk at the idea of giving an email address, even a fictitious one!
Might give it a whirl one day!

Good Health wine wine wine Can’t keep with you Megs Hope you haven’t got sunstroke! grin

Megs36 Fri 07-Aug-20 15:35:59

Hi Rufus,?trolley rage, it had to happen.
Interesting that yourChief MedicalOfficer may have fled, in this area and many more I understand it’s impossible to actually ‘see ‘ a doctor, it’s all telephone consultations or video if you are clever enough,the mind boggles at how some videos could be taken! Anyway there is now a rumour here that at least one doctor ,and it’s a big practice, had walked out,could be Chinese Whispers but I wonder if he didn’t enjoy the videos.
Keep well and warm, to hot to sit outside at moment here, lazing on sofa watching TV.
Cheers. 🍷🥂🍷🥂🥂🍷😷😷