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Thompson's tea

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grannyrebel7 Mon 10-Aug-20 21:41:13

Has anyone tried this tea? It's really nice. I'd never heard of it before. I'm normally a Tetley's girl, but DH bought it at the start of lockdown when everyone was panic buying. I never buy anything else now. Trouble is I've only seen it in Tesco's. You can't seem to get it anywhere else.

JuneRose Mon 10-Aug-20 22:21:38

Yes it's nice but quite strong. You don't have to squash the bag too much

Chewbacca Mon 10-Aug-20 22:23:33

I love a builders brew, so I'll look out for that. Most tea bags are so weak and puny that I leave the tea bag in. I like my tea strong enough to stand the spoon upright!

grannyrebel7 Tue 11-Aug-20 07:28:44

That's why I like it but I just don't get on with making tea in a mug. I have to have a teapot.