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a bit of encouragement to attend swimming pools?

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infoman Tue 11-Aug-20 07:47:46

Not heard this before but some one claimed Chlorine kills the dreaded Covid 19 virus.
Any one heard this before?

MawB Tue 11-Aug-20 07:51:38

There have been several articles since the UK outbreak on this subject

Sunlover Tue 11-Aug-20 08:54:02

I’m back swimming 2 or 3 times a week. Arrive pool ready and slip on a towelling cover up to go home and shower. Double width lanes and restricted numbers. Loving it.

Calendargirl Tue 11-Aug-20 09:15:37

I go swimming at an outdoor pool. It says the chlorine kills off any Covid.

All booked appointments, limited numbers, go swim ready, have to leave area in allotted time to allow for cleaning between sessions.

Our local indoor pool has not yet opened, although the adjoining gym has. Apparently more to do with viability than anything else.