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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 12-Aug-20 13:20:35

Back on deck again! Whilst sorting through some piles of old mags. and computer notes, thanks to this Covid crisis, I turned up a couple of interesting items in “This England Summer 2019.”
The Great Limerick Challenge;
A mobile phone user from Crewe
Found out on a trip to the Zoo
To pose for a Selfie
Is not really healthy
In a cage with a large kangaroo.

How about “Bongo Bingo”?
Millenial -friendly versions have not been popular amongst purists, especially when sexed up, e.g.88 (“two fat ladies”) is now “two body positive ladies” and is also becoming unpopular for its “lewd language and innuendo”!
Goodness me! What on earth is England coming to?

Could ask the same question here! 411 new cases and 21 deaths yesterday. Our “worst day” ever in terms of deaths, mainly in homes for the elderly. sad
NSW hotspots causing concern. NZ, having set a good example now have lockdown again, but apparently all because of one family outbreak; a forthcoming election probably has nothing to do with it, but it’s odd!

Grandmabatty sometime ago you were testing me on the Scotch language and challenged me with “neb” (I think!). Forgot the clue, but not weather you said!
In the aforementioned mag. is a ref. to a Yorkshire dictionary;
” Eeh, bufflehead, Yer brew’s mashin”!
“neb” a beak? Or is a Yorky neb different?

We were supposed to be having a TV prog. this evening about the Blitz-Liverpool, but no show.; instead Baldrick doing his English country walks instead.

Apparently there was no sequel to the trolley- rage incident in the fruit and vegie shop up there in Brisbane.; the lady who was “ordered” to back off and maintain “distance rules” put her hands in the air and backed off! grin

Btw; Doona problem solved!
Good Health wine wine wine

FlyingHandbag Wed 12-Aug-20 13:47:34

Hi Rufus2! I have been looking at my photo album, and ordering more prints, I have 40 on the way.
I had a bit of a cry last night about going back to work as I have had a lovely time visiting family and things.
It was a discussion with a relative who is also my best friend that started it, we were talking about how we would miss phoning or visiting each other all day most days, and I ended up crying (don't blame me, I haven't been feeling well) and she ended up crying because I was crying. My mother came into the room and was dumbfounded by us crying down the phone to one another
grin. Oh well, I'm in better spirits today. 🥂X

Grandmabatty Wed 12-Aug-20 16:54:12

Rufus2 go to the top of the class! Neb is indeed a beak or nose in the Scots language. Well done. Here's an animal for you in Scots. Moudiewart. And they would have struggled in Central Scotland last night. We had a stupendous electrical storm and torrential rain which meant power cuts and local flooding today and no Internet! Today has been too hot for me so I've stayed indoors, after a visit to my mum who missed all the weather last night and slept through it. Take care.

Megs36 Wed 12-Aug-20 19:07:54

Hello*Rufus*, not too good about the Bug, got relations in NZ And a few weeks ago they phoned saying they were back to ‘normal ‘ so a big shock I guess, I’ve just emailed to ask for more info, not a lot on the news about them or even about OZ. Grandson in NSW still OK I hope
Glad you’ve got your Doona, can’t imagine needing one here atm, just a sheet is all that's needed! Today massive storm with hail stones, frightened the cat witless. Used to love the hot weather but can’t hack it now. Must be OldAge.
Keep well