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Grandparents holding babies.

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Dylan6 Wed 26-Aug-20 10:18:21

My husband's granddaughter is nearly 4 months old but is not allowed to hold her due to the mother's fears of Cofid 19. Any thoughts?

GrannyGravy13 Wed 26-Aug-20 10:20:31

It is totally up to the mother of the child.

Esspee Wed 26-Aug-20 10:25:22

I wouldn’t dream of trying to hold a new baby these days.
The mother is simply being careful.
Please don’t take it as an insult.

Nonnie Wed 26-Aug-20 10:25:30

New mothers are bound to be fearful at the moment, probably always have been. Be patient and offer help in practical ways

Blossoming Wed 26-Aug-20 10:28:39

Nobody has a right to hold someone else’s baby. Wait until the mother asks if you’d like to hold her.

timetogo2016 Wed 26-Aug-20 10:29:57

Esspee you are spot on.

annodomini Wed 26-Aug-20 10:39:11

I was able to hold all my GC on Day 1, but always when they were handed to me by the mum.

grannysyb Wed 26-Aug-20 12:07:27

I was always able to hold DDs children, but as they are now 18,17, and 13 perhaps times have changed? If it's the first grandchild new mums are always a bit nervous and these are worrying times.

Hithere Wed 26-Aug-20 12:09:40

The parents decide what is best for the child

Covid is a big concern and it is not unusual for parents to be very careful.

Greenfinch Wed 26-Aug-20 12:13:52

I haven't even considered holding my new granddaughter of 4 months. It is far too risky and I could not bear the thought of passing anything on to her.

jenpax Wed 26-Aug-20 12:35:41

I wasn’t stopped from holding any of my DGC but that was pre Covid. In any event I always wait to be invited.
It could be as well as worries about the baby, DD is concerned for you both if either of you are older or in a high risk category

Madgran77 Wed 26-Aug-20 13:34:02

We are all different with different views on risk ......but new parents are very often highly protective, as they should be, and in uncertain times with mixed safety advice I think it is entirely understandable being wary about close contact with a 4 month old. And the decision is entirely the parents one.

Liz46 Wed 26-Aug-20 13:42:24

I wouldn’t even consider going near a small child and I have hardly been in contact with other people so would not pose much of a risk to anyone.

I am missing my grand daughter’s cuddles very much (she is 13) but I am not going near her or her brother (he doesn’t kiss any more!).

Feelingmyage55 Wed 26-Aug-20 13:49:38

It is disappointing but also their choice. We don’t know from your post how much you mix with other people, whether you are working etc. I remember being very reluctant to allow anyone who smoked or had pets to hold my small babies and used to ask them to wash their hands. The time will come. I used to wish my dad would mow the lawn or do something practical. Watch and admire, compliment them on how they are parenting.