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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 27-Aug-20 14:13:05

Greetings from another cold, wet evening! Watching the Fairy Penguins returning from a day’s fishing at dusk made me shiver, even though the C/H in here is wound up! The live streaming is working very well and the show is best viewed from home at this time of year plus the fact it’s off-limits for the duration. The Covid curse!

Megs The “toasting” is proceeding in a very civilised manner with lots of “Bottoms Up”! Unfortunately no f&c due to being housebound, and no home delivery so it was cottage pie from the freezer; very nourishing all the same.
Did you get many official cards from “The Establishment”?

Jane has gone “posh” again, gracing St. Andrews with her latest outfit, no doubt!
You’ve never said you’re a golfer, but must be a dab hand to be allowed in, complete with that spectacular golfing outfit! What’s your handicap? wink

Grandmabatty Almost lost in the mists of time, but all hotel meals were favourites! Mary Berry appeared a lot on TV here and I”m sure Jan will remember; sounds very nice. Although not being a cook by any stretch of the imagination, I enjoyed her British Bake-off progs. The contestants were almost stars in their own right. She’s 85 I’m told!

Haven’t caught up with the Covid stats today. After the penguin parade was another rail prog. Vancouver to Banff with marvellous scenery of course. We did that years ago, but by tour coach.
“The Salisbury Poisonings” Part 4 ends that short series this evening, so lots of viewing in the "can”!

2 monthly gas bill arrived today! Strewth! One of the downsides of “ageing” I guess, but this Winter, officially ends next Monday, has seemingly been around for ages, but I’m determined not to be found frozen stiff on the toilet; how embarrassing! shock

Zoom is proceeding well! Very serious technical stuff befitting modern technology such as that photo of a Covid testing station supplied by one of our member’s daughter! hmm

Sunday will be Zoom again with a group of charming ladies and it adds a new dimension seeing faces!
Earlier night tonight!
Good Health Everyone wine wine wine

Megs36 Thu 27-Aug-20 15:57:23

Hello Rufus; no official cards, Guess someone has to ‘inform’ especially the Queen. Most important though are our family and friends Bit worried now about f and c, the friends who should be joining us are going to be late so trying to keep it hot might be a problem, I’d better start on the wine!,

Cheers 🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷

Jane10 Thu 27-Aug-20 21:09:27

Strewth Rufus2. Me a golfer? I'm about as far from a golfer as you can get. We just like StAndrews. It's a lovely wee town to walk around in. Lots of nice places for lunches (and coffees and teas). There's the wonderful bakers Fisher and Donaldson. Hmmm bit of a food theme emerging!
Stay cosy.