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Laura Mercier mineral powder

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Lilypops Thu 27-Aug-20 17:11:15

Has anyone used the Laura Mercier mineral face powder, my favourite shade Natural Beige has been discontinued , I can’t find it anywhere now so I am looking for a replacement that works as well ,
It leaves a lovely glow brushed on after foundation, I am gutted it’s been discontinued ,
Has anyone found a good brand they can recommend please ,

Alishka Sat 29-Aug-20 12:47:29

I've never used the face powder, not L.M. or any other but stocked up on the L.M. tinted foundation in the US, and also use Clinique products. Do they do a face powder, I wonder? Worth a look...
Good luck!smile

Georgesgran Sat 29-Aug-20 14:51:23

I know Benefit is very popular, but not tried it. I like Laura Geller - available in Debenhams (if you can find one open), on QVC (you can try it for 60 days and send back if you don’t like it) and in Sephora shops, where again you can test before you buy.

paddyanne Sat 29-Aug-20 15:01:51

I bought Laura Geller "Balance and Glow" for the first time recently and Ilove it .I got it from QVC online .

maddyone Sat 29-Aug-20 15:20:31

I like Laura Geller products. I first bought them from QVC but they’re available at a few other places now. I particularly like the Balance and Brighten foundation. The eye shadows are nice too.

Lilypops Sat 29-Aug-20 23:17:06

Thankyou for your suggestions re. Face powder. I will look at Laura Geller, also I have found Boots No7 do one as well so I have quite a choice. , Thankyou

Lilypops Sat 29-Aug-20 23:27:44

Well who knew ,I was looking for Laura Geller products as a few of you had suggested I look at their makeup range ,and I found its available through. Simply Be and JDWilliams.
How easy is that , Thanks Ladies