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No 'pistol shooters' please

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farview Mon 07-Sep-20 21:26:44

Life for all of us is so different...some days are okay..days like today, grey,drizzly,lonely...are horrendous, we in Bolton are back in after all those weeks of not having family/grandchildren here..then we we just gets to me...when its sunny..I fight back...but days like today...heck..cant cope..probably have too much wine on these days..spoken to my friends and so do they...probably withdraw from the world on these days....just not coping..have H who I dont really like...too many problems to share...going back to my voluntary work for the hospice tomorrow thank God...anyway...question are YOU really feeling..
....I will fight back...have had too much stress in my life to give in now..but it's tough...isn't it?...or not?

lemongrove Mon 07-Sep-20 21:37:11

Oh dear Farview hope that life improves soon for you, the gloomy rainy days are always the worst to cope
Things always seem worse at night too, if I feel that way I go to bed early.
I am managing alright, but miss the things we would have been doing, it’s a wasted year.

boheminan Mon 07-Sep-20 21:42:33

Like you, the grey drizzly days are worse - they're the 'Groundhog Days'. Shopping locally used to be uplifting, not anymore, there seems to be an air of apathy and I even miss the nerve jangling muzac that used to be on in the background, it reminds me of 'normality' (remember normality) people don't chat, tempers are frayed, people glare at others who don't wear a mask...

No one seems to know what the 'Rules' are anymore.

It's a little better when the sky is blue, but my mood was considerably lowered today when I went into my local Poundland and they're stocking up on Christmas tat.

I hope your voluntary work will give you some escape from the 'reality out there' farview and to answer your question, from my point of view, yes it is tough...

Urmstongran Mon 07-Sep-20 21:45:16

Oh farview that was a sad post to read. Alcohol numbs the pain in the short term but it doesn’t allow good restorative sleep. It’s a depressive (strange really as that first glass is wonderful).

You obviously have a lot on your plate, not all of it Covid-related.

I hope in time you can work through some of these issues that upset you. And that you enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. Your forecast is good. 🌞

Starblaze Mon 07-Sep-20 21:47:16

fairview I'm so sorry this has hit you so hard.

Things aren't the same for me, all the time I am distracted it's normal but there is just so many reminders and extra things that have to be worried about. Stressful things like not being able to see an actual doctor and not getting the right treatment. AC moving out with extra pressure and things to account for. Remembering to take precautions constantly...

Its just alien and definitely added pressure for some. Others aren't worried and think those of us who are are just very silly so support can be lacking in some areas.

All I can say is hang in there. Sooner or later everything WILL be OK.

Chewbacca Mon 07-Sep-20 21:48:43

I agree with lemon, it feels like a wasted year to me too. As luck would have it, I moved to be nearer DS and his family, only a few months before lockdown and so I really can't complain because I see a lot of them. But I very much miss going to the theatre, cinema and art galleries or just days out shopping and lunching with my friends, 2 of whom are still shielding. I didn't have a wildly extravagant and exciting social life before but I very much miss what I had. I'm grateful that I've still got my work, for at least part of the week, because it keeps me absorbed and focused.

annsixty Mon 07-Sep-20 21:51:37

Yes Farview it is tough and may get tougher.
I live in Stockport so, like you, we have been in partial lockdown again though this was eased for us last Wednesday.
Reading the news tonight this region is in trouble again, who knows what the next few days will bring?

For me the most difficult thing is seeing other folk getting on with their lives, something I can’t do.
I am waiting for an operation, not urgent to the powers that be, but very urgent to me as I cannot get out, I can hardly walk across a room without pain which is dragging me down.

My GP tells me I am one of thousands and I do know that but it doesn’t help.

I hope your volunteering goes well tomorrow and relieves your stress somewhat.

merlotgran Mon 07-Sep-20 22:00:40

Like annsixty I feel a sense of irritation seeing younger people getting on with their lives as though it's all over. The infection rate is going up but because the young are getting it now the death rate is very low.

It just means those of us shielding or living with vulnerable people stand to be 'locked up' even longer.

No wonder some are feeling a sense of despair.

Furret Mon 07-Sep-20 22:43:16

Wonder if I can get this link to work?

Fight Song

No idea if it will work farview but you mentioned ‘fight’ and this is my go to song when I feel as you do,

Marydoll Mon 07-Sep-20 22:46:05

It works, Furret

Furret Mon 07-Sep-20 22:48:17


Kate1949 Tue 08-Sep-20 09:49:14

Yes I agree it's tough farview. Some days I wake up and think that I can't do this any more but somehow I do. Life has been very difficult. I often wonder how much we are supposed to take. I hope you feel better soon. flowers

farview Tue 08-Sep-20 13:27:22

Thank you...all of you....and the song is lovely Furret...

Luckygirl Tue 08-Sep-20 13:32:55

It can all be pretty dispiriting. I have just heard that my friend a few doors away who mows my lawn for me has taken his own life. I feel so despondent about this, and, as always when this happens, wonder if there were clues that I filed to pick up.

On top of that my conveyancing solicitor is being a complete nitwit; and one of my DDs is treating me as if I am senile - I really do know she is only trying to help, but it is a bit exasperating!

Life - it is tough sometimes.

Hope you are feeling brighter today farview - things pass, we just have to grit our teeth and carry on.

Luckygirl Tue 08-Sep-20 13:34:25


LauraNorder Tue 08-Sep-20 13:45:38

Farview flowers I know we can't give hugs at the moment but perhaps you can wrap yourself in this lovely warm blanket of care that comes from Gransnet. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter today. This will pass, it will.

farview Tue 08-Sep-20 16:36:13

lauraNorder..thank you...its good to have somewhere anonymous to say how we are feeling...and often GN is like a warm blanket...I started back doing my voluntary work today..its helped...but we are once again in very strict lockdown here and it is tough...but I know we will come through this...
Luckygirl I am so sorry to hear about your friend..terribly sad...and you have already been through unbearable sadness...💐

PamelaJ1 Tue 08-Sep-20 16:48:20

It must be very hard for so many but are there any positive things that can be put in place?

As you won’t be the only person in that position could you find someone to bubble with if things get worse?