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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 15-Sep-20 14:53:48

Courtesy of "The Oldie"

"One reader told me of the exhausted dogs of Rome, a city where walking dogs is a legal reason to be outside, so dogs are being walked by six different owners each day, and are run off their paws. Another mentioned an announcement in lonely hearts column: "Active pensioner with supply of toilet rolls seeks friendship with lady reader with wine cellar".

Chewsday again! For a change it was “Bloke’s Bangers and Mash” with peas on the side, courtesy of Aldi, although I’m afraid to say it didn’t look as good as it’s picture on the box! “50% more meant 3 sausages instead of two! shock
No Covid deaths reported yesterday. but new cases still stuck around mid-forties.
Megs Thanks for your opinion on the new All Creatures! I agree it’s good to be able to sit back, relax and not be jolted by some gratuitous “activity”. Not sure when it will come our way, but we’re heading into a bit of a shortage what with some “Finals” now seeing the end of some progs. such as “Last Tango”.
Not smart thinking by TV execs. Even though the Summer TV viewing season has yet to arrive we still have Covid tying us to the TV
Mind you, we still have Michael P to get us out of our curfew; this evening he was in Singapore, but when he rode the cable car to Sentosa Island I recalled how it scared the daylights out of me as it wasn’t long after a ship with tall superstructure brought brought it down.
One thing about his shows is when he’s the only visitor when you’d expect many locals and other tourists to be on view. Such as he just had to buy a Singapore Sling in the Raffles Hotel, but he was the only customer; the cameraman doesn’t count. You can’t tell me that that bar is ever empty!? It looked unreal, especially in Singapore with it’s dense population.
As a matter of fact I was the only one at my “Bar”, but that’s different! hmm

Jaxjacky You note that we have like minds when it comes to sausages but you can keep your “brooding buildings”! I’ll stick with sausages whether they be beef, chicken , pork, but not any of the highly flavoured variety and definitely no lamb dishes of any sort. The image of “Spring Lamb” comes to mind which disturbs me!

Weather not bad today! Again nicely warm out the back and tempting fate I woke up Freda after her longer than usual hibernation’ recharged her and we may even go out for our permitted 1 hour exercise tomorrow!
Rain forecast for the weekend again. If it’s warm the grass will be another foot higher; perhaps a ride-on mower might be called for, although the estate isn’t really big enough to justify one. The gardener is going to have a shock when he’s allowed to work again.

Good Health Everyone wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Tue 15-Sep-20 20:33:25

Hi Rufus2 bit late...been to collect new car, exciting, will take me tomorrow to work it all out!
Love proper sausages, mash and beans, bbq, tray bake, all yum.
Hopefully your restrictions will lessen soon and you can enjoy the weather along with the gardener returning.