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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 23-Sep-20 14:41:51

Oh dear! Spring has gone into reverse. After a couple of warmer days last week it’s been getting windier and cooler each day and now we are promised a “cold snap” on Friday to last at least a week!
Covid 19 has certainly reared its head again in the Old Dart. Our TV News is full of charts, graphs and all sorts of whizz bang Power Point gadgets trying to simplify the gloomy messages; only serve to confuse the issues for me!
Even better news here, apart from 4 deaths yesterday. Lowest number of new cases in VIC since way back when and now border controls are to end next weekend between Queensland, NSW and S.A . Farmers, market-gardeners and back-packer fruit pickers are all whooping with joy at the thought of tourists pouring across the borders..
VIC will be freed later and Melbourne’s ring of steel my be loosened shortly. I heard that W. Australia will be reluctant to open borders because it has always thought of ceding from Australia and becoming a separate country! shock

Very sad news from S. Australia where nearly 400 whales have beached with the majority dead or dying. All efforts are being employed by Department staff and equipment plus civilian volunteers trying to float the live ones back to sea on the high tides Also presents a huge logistical
problem in removing the dead whales.
I’m not up with this problem although there will probably be many theories in the media as to why they do it in such large numbers.

Jane Ever since you posted your snap of your “Room with a View” at St, Andrews I’ve had Artie Shaw’s version rolling around my brain; the fact that one of his CDs is playing most of the day might also be partly responsible! I have to have music most of the time, like now whilst I pick my way over the keyboard, otherwise I’d go barmy in silence!

Megs You certainly know how to have fun! I can’t get to the corner shop let alone a big supermarket. I’d go giddy with excitement and make a fool of myself breaking all the guidelines.
It’s only 93 days to the 25th and I can’t see Santa being allowed in the shops unless he does his
quarantine stint by the 11th.
Just had our weekly phone call from our Michelle (B’mouth); she’s very caring and phones for an hour to see how things are, but she surprised me when giving low figures on new cases and deaths in contrast to what I thought our TV News gave out when reporting on Boris’s new measures. As I say, the reporting is sometimes confusing.

rafichigran Don’t be alarmed! I’m not really interested in your nationality or whether you like coffee or not; but simply testing my memory and it seems I’ve failed on both counts. confused
All the Social Services are constantly going on about dementia and “that certain age”, whatever that is, such that you have to think, has it arrived.?

Jaxjacky How many ks have you done? There appears to be no restriction on how far you can drive in GB or do I fail on that one too? sad
The new jargon is interesting, “anti-bacced” “elephant in the Zoom!” “zoomed out”

Watched that “madman” Guy on TV last evening trying to become the fastest person on 2 wheels riding a m/bike on Utah salt pan. We’re talking nearly 400 mph here (or was it kph)
Whatever it was it was fast; his prog. is always fascinating with the mad-cap things he attempts!
Take care; Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Wed 23-Sep-20 14:55:53

Rufus2 have you ever seen 'Gone Fishing' with Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer? It's a most unlikely ratings hit but its soooo good. The two comedians are likeable and often talk more philosophically about their lives. They've both had health scares. The filming and music is wonderful. Sometimes they even catch fish!
I'm recovering from wisdom tooth extraction which turned out to be very straight forward. Just afraid to eat though 😨.
Stay cosy!

Jaxjacky Wed 23-Sep-20 15:09:44

Evening Rufus, very few k’s, about 57! May be able to go as far as I like, but nowhere to go at the moment, hoping for S France next year, going to test her up the motorway soon...We have gentle rain today and temperature dropped to 16 from 22 yesterday, but the veggies need the rain. We’re not far from B’mouth, about an hour and a half and cases are relatively low here, but slowly climbing. We’ve enjoyed some freedom the last three months, but I think that will change. Our village pub is struggling with how it can stay open and do table service, economically it won’t work. It’s a real community hub, we know 90% of those who frequent and for those on their own it’s a lifeline of companionship. We’ve all mucked in and helped each other this year and 🤞that will continue, it will be a long 6 months.
Anyway, enough woe, I’m going to see if my sprouts are sprouting at all, in 15 years of veg growing, they’ve always defeated me.

rafichagran Wed 23-Sep-20 19:31:31

Evening Rufus Keep these Good Evening threads coming, I enjoy reading them after I get home from work.
Take care.