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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 24-Sep-20 15:10:44

"Lady Hale said:
'If it would be a deprivation of my liberty to be obliged to live in a particular place, subject to constant monitoring and control, only allowed out with close supervision, and unable to move away without permission even if such an opportunity became available, then it must also be a deprivation of the liberty of a disabled person. The fact that my living arrangements are comfortable, and indeed make my life as enjoyable as it could possibly be, should make no difference. A gilded cage is still a cage.'"

Came across the above whilst looking for something else, as usual, and although Lady Hale penned it a few years ago it seems very applicable to our Melb. situation hmm
Never heard of her before, but as she’s a UK Judge, no surprises there!
I see Spice 101 is back on deck again giving a run down of our weather on the Good Morning thread. She’s let me off the hook on that except to confirm her weather report; "shocking"
rafichagran Glad to hear you enjoy these notes, although reading them in the garden after work may be a memory now.
I enjoy compiling them, feeling that it helps me keep alert looking for anything with an Aussie flavour that might interest “the old folks back home”!
Jaxjacky Look out for elderly gents driving electric mobility scooters on the Motorway, as happened here recently. They’re liable to give you an earful of language when you tell them they shouldn’t be there! grin
57 ks, eh? That’s really living it up! Another phone call from our Michelle to say that her husband, with the new pale blue BMW has somehow damaged a leg, she forgot to say which, but is now on crutches How frustrating would that be? A new BMW just sitting there and he can have a short fuse at times.
Brussel Sprouts; love ‘em! Aren’t they supposed to be best at frost time? I had half an allotment full of them in Windsor, but the frozen ones are better here and half the price of “fresh”.

Jane Had a quick look at Paul W. and Bob M. on YouTube; a clip showing them hauling in a big fish, but then putting it back in the water again. What’s the purpose of that?
The pilot whale rescuers in S. Australia have saved more than they’d hoped, but over 300 died and now plans are being drawn up for disposal of the carcases. They won’t be left to rot. Very distressing for all concerned.
Still Zooming along! Comp stuff this morning, Android and iPad tomorrow then general purpose Q & A on Sunday! It’s all go!
(Arti Shaw playing “Room with a View” as I type; love it!)

Doctor phoned today asking if I was OK for scripts which surprised me , thinking he would know state of my medicine chest, as everything seems to be uploaded to his computer. He also talked about a pneumonia vaccine! No thanks! hmm
Extra blanket on tonight, I think!
Good Health wine wine wine


Jane10 Thu 24-Sep-20 17:27:54

The fishing is the least of the programme Rufus2. Its all about the gentle fun they have. Bob is daft with sad and serious moments. Paul is very clever. You may remember him from the 'Fast Show'?
Pleasant weather here but chillier and dark much earlier.

Megs36 Thu 24-Sep-20 18:36:48

Hi Rufus, keep up the good work like I said before, I guess another opinion is good, do you think Spice lives near you?
Tonight Rishi said he has a plan,reminded me of Baldrick in
Blackadder (do you remember him) he alway had a cunning plan
Cheers 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂

Jaxjacky Thu 24-Sep-20 19:24:15

Hi Rufus, yes the old sprouts should taste better after a frost, ditto parsnips, just need a sign of any sprouts, parsnips looking ok. I was amazed, when we lived in France to see tinned sprouts! Never tried, I imagine ugh. Colder here, wet, 10deg drop Tuesday to today, guess winter on the way. Good evening to you.