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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 28-Sep-20 15:27:43

Whoopee again! “New” cases down to single figures yesterday prompting resumed calls for relaxation of pandemic controls. At last gardeners can resume their tasks and lawn-mowing will be top of their lists. smile
Excitement abounds; I’m off to the podiatrist at last on Wednesday. Due to the unavailability of home visits a car has been organised to deliver me to her “place of work!”, by a home- care group and I must remember my anti-Covid face mask and sit in the back seat. No out-of-pocket charge for that and only $10 for the podiatrist ($1.00 a toe)
It pays to get old and get back some of those taxes!

Jaxjacky Did you have to pull many strings to get your half-allotment? Windsor Council allots. were practically inherited, or so it seemed. Useful things, especially for getting the bulky vegies away from the house garden; There was, and probably still is, a condition that you couldn’t grow flowers, but that didn’t stop our neighbour, one of Vera’s Aunties from growing and selling at her front doorstep. She was a widow and nobody bothered her! The “rent” was purely nominal and aimed at covering the cost of mains water and looking after the pathways Happy days, so long as you didn’t slip a disc digging (clay)

Nephew with the pale blue BMW is still on crutches, so Michelle said on the phone this evening that she might take it out for a spin! She’s game! David’s got a shortish fuse at the best of times. The few times I’ve had a new car and parked it well away from others there would invariably be a “bomb” parked alongside.or a discarded trolley.
She did mention though, a ding” insurance policy!?

Very cold night promised tonight, although days are warming up; a brief 21C next Saturday then 14C and wet to follow. Perhaps not a good time for a haircut! sad

Btw; don’t know what’s happened to Melbourne’s “ring of steel”, but our curfew has been reduced by 1 hour; now 9.00pm to 5.00am. That’s what you call living! grin

Good Health. wine wine wine

AGAA4 Mon 28-Sep-20 16:18:47

Good evening Rufus. I have been enjoying your jokes on another thread so keep them coming. Good to have a chuckle when the news is filled with Covid cases going up.

Jaxjacky Mon 28-Sep-20 16:47:51

Hi Rufus, no strings, maybe because it’s a half plot? The lady on the other half can’t manage the whole plot and you can grow flowers. I’m near the bee hives and inherit an asparagus bed! I’ve ordered seeds online, earlier in lockdown, there was a shortage.
Was cold here this morning for down south, +5, still, we’ve had it pretty good.
Yes, I’m wary with the car, but as I dislike all shopping, I’m rarely in a car park, first priority is to get some sort of boot liner in the car for the allotment mud, wellies, tools and hopefully veg 🤞

Megs36 Mon 28-Sep-20 19:57:19

Hello Rufus good to hear numbers are going down, spoke to g.son in NSW, he’d been on holiday and had a great time by the sounds. All well where he is apparently. Still pretty depressing here atm although we have a pub lunch booked with some of the family on Thursday, only hope the Rules don’t change again by then 😟😟
Enjoy the Toe clinic!
Cheers 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂