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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 29-Sep-20 15:18:06

Is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel? Not sure, although we have had a few shackles loosened; overnight curfew now lifted and various restrictions concerning the number of inmates allowed to gather in one place!
Weather improving at the same time, but back to cold and wet again next Monday!

Jaxjacky Don’t you have a tow-bar for hitching a trailer or even a caravan? The former would help to keep the shiny new boot in pristine condition as well as ensuring that any nasties lurking in the sprouts did not invade your car.! hmm\

Our Spring Equinox and your Autumn Equinox have produced similar temps; Ours was the lowest at this time of year this morning for ages; it used to be called global warming, but now it’s climate change!

Megs Yes, I will definitely enjoy the Toe Clinic tomorrow. It’ll be a barrel of laughs, especially as we will be wearing masks; at least they will guard against breathing in clippings, they tend to fly everywhere!
Haven’t been able to keep up with NSW stats. They’ve always been more encouraging than here and he couldn’t fail to have a good holiday up there. Plenty of nice places to visit and they have warmer weather.
One thing we’ve always missed is the “pub lunch” Good food, good prices, unless I’m behind the times! Always cosy and full of smokers (kidding!) to give atmosphere!
Another thing; I’ve noticed on “Midsomer Murders” references to “The Snug”.
Can’t remember that!

AGAA4 Thanks for your encouragement re: Jokes. Your cactus one was appreciated, but I have a feeling that if I’d used it I would have been reported and banished.
I have a matching one, but it might be a case of publish and be damned which is a risk!
Even though it’s not a Scotch one! confused
Anyway, laughter is contagious, much preferred to Covid, so let’s drink to that.
Btw; still testing my memory, but don’t you reside near the mid-Wales coast?
We watched a TV doco. recently about the train ride along that line. Excellent!

Crikey! it’s Wednesday already; only 10 hours to my appointment with Ms.Toe Snipper!
Hope I can get some sleep!

Good Health wine wine wine

AGAA4 Tue 29-Sep-20 15:30:04

Hope the toe clipping goes well Rufus. I don't live far from the North Wales coast and have been down to the beaches of mid-Wales.
I'm wondering now what your matching joke is?