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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 30-Sep-20 15:21:52

Not much time left this evening; been busy on other threads! hmm
Not much news either. Covid stats went up slightly yesterday and this might be the pattern for some time to come unfortunately.
It was refreshing to hear the contract gardeners back at work today. My neighbour's lawn was cut and the unfamiliar smell of freshly cut damp grass was reassuring that Covid hasn't got at my sense of smell!
Mine next, I hope!

AGAA4 Mission accomplished! Very exciting to be out seeing how things have changed in the last 3 months. Young lady (definitely not a "woman' and not a "girl " either!) from our home-care company turned up in a micro Mercedes Benz! : very nice car and very quiet.
Must be a well-paid job these days!
At first I thought it was an electric. Bit of a struggle getting my 6ft 2 in and out!
Interestingly, the podiatrist shone an electronic temp. measuring gadget on my feet. Nobody checked my forehead; just 3 questions; e.g. " had I been overseas recently?" No! not even past our front drive! grin

You called my bluff regarding joke! I'm having second thoughts fearing it might be too much for some. I need a "shock meter scale from 0 to 10" ranging from "disgusting" to "unshockable"! hmm

Thursday again!
Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Wed 30-Sep-20 15:42:29

Hi Rufus, glad your feet are sorted, grass chopping next! Nope, no towbar, but liner organised, £8.99, not bad. I want to know your joke now..there’s a name for teasers, but I’d be banned for using that phrase. The trouble with your scale is it couldn’t be universally applied, some are more shockable than others.
Raining here, just spent at least an hour online banking and making chase up calls, called ‘admin’ I suppose. Still, tick on list of things to do, this evenings glass of white will be welcome.
Take care.

AGAA4 Wed 30-Sep-20 16:05:03

Hi Rufus. I am not easily shocked but some may need the smelling salts after the more spicy jokes.

Maybe we could put a health warning before the joke.

Here we go into lockdown in North Wales. Seems most of the country is now. Only a few weeks ago numbers of cases was dropping.
Glad you have got through the dreaded toe clipping.

MawB2 Wed 30-Sep-20 19:15:10

To the pure, all things are pure (?) 😇😇😇😇😇