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Oh for an hour or two of silence.

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MiniMoon Sun 04-Oct-20 14:42:17

Today my tinnitus is LOUD.

It's like white noise, most of the time, but today there is a high pitched whine along with it.

Usually I can ignore it, but today it is being very annoying. DH has gone to work so I've put music on all my smart speakers its helping to distract me but the tinnitus is still there.

Sorry all I just needed to tell somebody.

SpringyChicken Sun 04-Oct-20 15:00:00

Aw, sorry to hear that, Mini. Big hug xx

Lucca Sun 04-Oct-20 15:03:40

Do headphones help at all ?

grandtanteJE65 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:11:20

Poor you! It must be awful.

Have you tried aquapunture? Or consulting a chiropractor?

Oldbat1 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:12:24

I Really feel for you - mine has been really awful just lately. I’m awaiting a hearing test but not holding my breath.

MiniMoon Sun 04-Oct-20 15:25:04

It doesn't intrude that much usually. I can fall asleep with no problems.

I'm going to make an appointment for a hearing test, but not until the pandemic is over, so that could be a long time.

Why won't Alexa play the William Tell overture in it's entirety? All she will give me is the finale.

WOODMOUSE49 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:26:37

My sympathies by the bucket full as I suffer too. Not a day goes by without me wishing for silence.

Oldbat1 I had a hearing test 6 months before lockdown (November 2019) and was told I needed aids for both ears and they would help with my tinnitus. I had a video consultation in June 2020 to show me the aids but have to wait for the fitting at the hospital. I was told about 8 - 12 months!

There is no cure just suggestions of how to 'live' with it.

NannyJan53 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:26:45

I totally sympathise as I suffer too. flowers

I usually find it is louder if I am stressed or just woken from dozing. I have the radio on most of the day as that distracts me from concentrating on it.

PinkCakes Sun 04-Oct-20 16:49:41

MiniMoon I sympathise with you. I've had Tinnitus for 14 years, after a car crash. Not a single day has gone by without the hissing, whistling, etc. I have the tv or radio on all day, just to distract me. At night, I listen to music through headphones.

Purpledaffodil Sun 04-Oct-20 17:02:12

I have had it for several years. Hearing aids did not help but I was offered counselling! I cannot imagine how that would help and did not take them up on the offer. Once spent an entire fortnight wishing we were not so close to the Hotel lift. When we arrived home I discovered the “lift” had come too. 😱
You have my sympathy MiniMoon

Puzzler61 Sun 04-Oct-20 17:14:53

I have it too.
When it bothers me getting to sleep I put a small travel alarm clock that ticks under my pillow and concentrate on the gentle tick instead of the high pitched tinnitus.
I had read that this is a distraction, and it works for me.
Do others find they can go for weeks without thinking about it, and then it becomes a nuisance again?

Gransooz Sun 04-Oct-20 17:19:20

I don’t have this and for that I’m very grateful. I really feel for you - it must be awful. 💝💐💐

Grandmafrench Sun 04-Oct-20 17:21:43

Another sufferer here. If I am tired or stressed it’s worse. Mostly I can distract myself but it’s definitely affecting my hearing in the high ranges of sounds now and I know one day I shall have to give in and investigate some aids. However I’ve been cheered by articles which deal with Tinnitus and how aids can be personally set up for the individual to help, and with Bluetooth connections to provide perfect sound from tv, stereo etc., (Think we’d all welcome that with stupid plasma screen tv’s and tiny speakers which face backwards! )

Apparently the brain will sometimes hold on to a constant sound and store the memory and repeat it for some while. An ENT Specialist told me that when I was plagued by the sound of chicken shed fans turning in a heatwave across our fields, .....and then those same wretched fans accompanied me on holiday to mid-Wales, some 150 miles away! 😳

Puzzler61 Sun 04-Oct-20 17:23:14

My mum had the doctor out to me many times, when I was a child, with really painful earache.
I wonder if that damaged my ear which then led to tinnitus as an adult. (One side only).

Bellanonna Sun 04-Oct-20 17:36:02

I notice mine when the TV has gone off and it’s very quiet. I am easily distractible so for the most part I can cope, but when I go to bed I put my clock radio onto a lovely seashore waves sound. That helps because the sound is so relaxing. I also belong to my local tinnitus group and currently we are having a monthly online mindfulness course. It helps while I’m doing it but I don’t think it helps on the whole because I don’t usually practise it between sessions. I’m lucky in that fhe noise is the same in both ears. Others in my group say they have a different sound in each ear. That must be hard to cope with.

NotAGran55 Mon 05-Oct-20 15:17:33

For those of you who suffer from this may I ask if it is part of a medical condition or something that you suffer from in isolation? Is it related to hearing loss necessarily?

The reason I ask is that I have had this for the odd few days on and off and it comes and goes.

PinkCakes Mon 05-Oct-20 16:55:18

NotAGran55 Mine started when I had a car crash, 14 years ago. It has been there every minute of every day since. My hearing isn't impaired.

The constant hissing is extremely irritating.

Puzzler61 Mon 05-Oct-20 17:06:42

When I told the doctor I believed I had it he arranged a hearing test at the local hospital and no, hearing is fine Notagran.
Since it started it has never stopped although it can be intermittent in some people.
You may find it goes away completely. I hope you do.

Bellanonna Mon 05-Oct-20 17:09:52

No, my hearing is not impaired either. The ringing is constant but I’m only really fully aware of it when things are quiet.

NotAGran55 Mon 05-Oct-20 18:23:02

Thank you all for your answers. I won’t bother seeing my GP as it seems to be just one of those things then , and not a symptom of anything else , except for PinkCakes .