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Amazon phone scam

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infoman Sat 10-Oct-20 09:34:06

Had phone call from "Amazon"? on the home phone which very few persons have the number.
I always use my mobile for anything bought on line.
Automated call asking me to pay my Amazon prime membership,so I put the phone down.
Please advise others.

Megs36 Sat 10-Oct-20 09:58:56

I get one of these calls at least twice a day, never had Prime, You’re right to just put the phone down. Like you I never order on phone, I always use on line ordering.

BlueBelle Sat 10-Oct-20 10:03:16

You are right to put the phone down BUT do cheque on your amazon account as I paid for Prime for many months and didn’t know I was paying I did get the money back but not before it had been taken out for a long time I must have inadvertently used it one time without realising and unless you take it off your account it keeps on keeping on

harrigran Sat 10-Oct-20 10:08:03

This is one of the most prolific scam calls, we often get six a week spread over three phones.