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Has anyone used one of these please.

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BlueBelle Mon 12-Oct-20 14:15:47

Has anyone used one of these plug in heaters I ve just seen one on ‘Groupon’ 500W and was thinking it could be useful for me (no central heating) to use in a room other than the one I m using with the gas fire in
I d appreciate any ideas, Do you think they are worth having

kittylester Mon 12-Oct-20 14:26:11

Can we have a picture bluebelle, or a link? I poked my screen all over the place but cant find one?

Esspee Mon 12-Oct-20 14:39:13

BlueBelle. You have a gas fire so I am assuming you could have another installed in the second room. Gas is the cheapest form of heating.
If it has to be electric then google - “cheapest to run electric heater.“
However, if you receive benefits there are government funded
Schemes that you should take advantage of.

Daddima Mon 12-Oct-20 14:48:25

A KW of electricity costs roughly 20p per hour, so 500 watts would be around 10p. One kilowatt is one bar of an electric fire, so 500 wouldn’t provide all that much heat, but would be fine to ‘ take the chill off’!

BlueBelle Mon 12-Oct-20 16:14:20

No I don’t receive benefits a tad over because I put some work money away for my old age ( probably not enough for a year but hey ho)
I do have two gas fires one in each main room but nothing else in the house I was just thinking it might be handy if I was for Instance wanting to do some sorting or cleaning in one of the bedrooms or spare rooms esspee or anywhere else in the house to be honest as a ‘for an hour or two‘ heat 😂
I ll see if I can find the link kitty
Thanks for the prices daddima so not a lot for short term use

BlueBelle Mon 12-Oct-20 16:15:49

Here we go kitty

Auntieflo Mon 12-Oct-20 16:23:23

Bluebelle. Have you thought about something like these?

Puzzled Mon 12-Oct-20 17:05:10

As said, a 500w heater will not produce a lot of heat quickly, so it will take time to warm the room.
(My well insulated 3m x 2m workshop has a 80w heater for when it is frosty. It takes about two days before it feels just warmer than outside
A thermostatically controlled fan heater may be a better method. Usually, these give a choice of 2Kw, 1 Kw, or fan only (so can be used in the summer)
It may be that the method is to use the gas fire to bring the room quickly to temperature, and then use the low power electric heater to maintain it.
A gas fire, depending upon the efficiency will probably deliver more heat, so the room will warm more quickly.
But it may be necessary to balance the cost of heating, (and the purchase cost of the appliance) against the cost of the means of heating.
It depends upon one's circumstances, how well insulated the dwelling is, and whether or not is drafty.
Only the OP can make those decisions, based on advice and information

BlueBelle Mon 12-Oct-20 17:59:33

I m very happy with my gas fires they give out a lovely heat
I was just interested for ‘movable’ heat if you get me
My house is poorly insulated puzzled sash windows in conservation area so need to stay sash and would cost the earth to double glaze I can’t have solar power for the same reason Central heating even limited would cost thousands and is out of the question
....but it’s my old and beautiful Victorian home and I love it so put up with the winters which for the most part I m used to and don’t have a problem with It was just a thought and I understand about it being background heat only
Thanks anyway

Coolgran65 Mon 12-Oct-20 18:23:49

I have several small fan heaters. The house is well enough catered for with oil central heating but occasionally if it's been off I may want a boost just for the reasons op describes.
They work quite well and can also blow cold in summer.
May be expensive to run but so cheap to buy.

cornergran Mon 12-Oct-20 19:33:13

We bought a greenhouse fan heater many years ago when we had a leak in the bathroom in our caravan. A garden centre was close by and we needed to get the van dry quickly. It was cheap to buy and we discovered highly efficient and reasonable to run. We’ve still got it, very useful for some short term, instant heat it has a thermostat control and also blows cold air if we need it to. Simple and effective.