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How many items or how much clothes do you have?

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fevertree Thu 15-Oct-20 10:26:29

I was amazed recently when flicking through the TV channels to land on a programme where the presenter had this woman lay out all her clothes and the value was well over £30,000 including clothes that she would never fit into again, stuff she hadn't worn for years etc.

It reminded me of when we visit my SIL who has so many clothes that her entire walk in wardrobe, plus the built in wardrobes in two more spare rooms, are full of her clothes, some of which I know are from years ago. That's not counting drawers!

I've never had a lot of clothes, and since I no longer work my wardrobe is paired down to one hanging area in our room and my coats and jackets hang in the spare room wardrobe, I have about 6 in total (not counting fleeces!)

I haven't started this thread to judge anyone, and I do keep some of my clothes for years, but mostly I turf things out that I haven't worn for a year or so. I am really amazed at people who have mountains of clothes and shoes and handbags, when you have only one body and one pair of feet and hands! I do have a lot of scarves, mostly because I knit smile

Georgesgran Thu 15-Oct-20 10:36:21

Far too many and 75% don’t fit!
I live in hope that one day they might, if I can shift a couple of stones! Most are quality buys, so still ‘fairly fashionable’ - Mac by Bur.. and camel coat by Aqua... etc. The mac’s nearly as old as DD2! Prize possession is a pair of Original 501’s, size 10, but not a hope in Hell of getting those on again. I can look at them and remember what I was up to when they did fit!

Esspee Thu 15-Oct-20 10:48:45

I have far more than I need, many of them much too small for me but I live in hope of going back to being a size 10 one day.

BlueSky Thu 15-Oct-20 10:56:09

Enough but nothing too expensive. If they don’t fit they go to charity. This year I don’t even want the look at new clothes, bags and shoes, as I know I won’t be wearing them anywhere for a long time.

dragonfly46 Thu 15-Oct-20 10:58:54

Some time ago I sent all my size 12 clothes to charity. Then I had chemo and now wish I had them back!

fevertree Thu 15-Oct-20 11:04:07

dragonfly I think having lost weight due to having chemo warrants a new size 12 shopping outing! thanks

maddyone Thu 15-Oct-20 12:05:45

I have too many clothes, partly because I keep things for years, an£ I can’t resist buying new things that I like. Everything I own fits, if it doesn’t fit I send it to the charity shop. Someone else may as well have the use of it.

Jane43 Thu 15-Oct-20 12:28:23

I used to have a lot of clothes, shoes and handbags but since retiring I have gradually pared them down, nothing wildly expensive but not budget range items. I never bought anything which was very expensive so I can understand reluctance to dispose of Burberry etc. I managed to limit winter clothing, bags and shoes to half our wardrobe and pack summer clothes away in a suitcase, DH does the same. We also have coats, jackets and out of season footwear and bags in a wardrobe in a spare bedroom. I disposed of clothing which was two sizes too big when I managed to convince myself that I wasn't going to pile on the 40 pounds I managed to lose. In the past few years I have managed to avoid end of season sales thus not buying things I don't really need and every few months I go through things in the wardrobe and dispose of things I haven’t worn for a while and am unlikely to wear in future. I can’t imagine having clothing to the value of £30,000, I would rather limit my wardrobe and spend any spare money on my family.

I agree Dragonfly, you certainly deserve a new size 12 wardrobe now the chemo is behind you.