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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 25-Oct-20 13:34:36

Do you think glass coffins will ever take off?
Remains to be seen!

Back again and cursing our Spring weather. Cold, wet, windy; even Queensland, around Brisbane and the S.E, had hail today the size of cricket balls and probably just as hard. They can do lots of expensive damage, especially to cars, as I found out a few years ago when I was trading it in for a new one. The salesman found the tiniest of dents which all added up to a significant down-sizing of its trade-in price! sad

Premier Dan was due to announce significant easing of our (Melbourne) Covid restrictions today in view of the extremely low “new case” numbers for several days and hardly any deaths, but there has been a sudden crop of new cases involving 35 persons in 3 related households in N.Melb., so the event is off until Tuesday!
Federal Gov’t spokepersons are spitting chips at Premier Dan and his off-siders because our bans are interferring with their plans to announce a free-for-all in terms of tourism and business in general!

Son No2, who lives local and does my modest weekly shop keeps badgering me to “Get out” and I’m saying “All in good time!” Did manage to get out twice with Freda last week when we managed a couple of dry breaks in the weather and even managed 2 muffled chats with neighbours I hadn’t seen for ages.

Megs Thanks for your support on the Jokes thread although I’ve learned to tread very carefully; but it’s nice to welcome a couple of new fellas; adds a bit of variety.
Covid is a worry of course, especially with the current outbreak sweeping Europe and elsewhere globally, but as they say, laughter is good medicine’
How are you going on the Homefront? Are you likely to return to shielding?
We’ve had one case of a man who was “cured” back in March, but has now become a victim again!; caused some discussion, of course but none for a while so don’t know what’s going on.!
We had our Public Holiday on Friday to celebrate the footy Grand Final even though it was played in Brisbane thanks to Covid. The “day off” is legislated, so even if the Final was to be played in Timbuctoo, we’d still get the holiday. Crazy! As it happened, the weather was rotten!

Never mind! Christmas is a’coming. Mincepies have re-appeared in the supermarkets, made in N.Z and very tasty! Next will be another traditional fare, mixed nuts in shells tied up in 500g mesh bags. I love wielding the nutcrackers and the sound of a shell cracking even if bits flew everywhere; and the open fire was useful for disposing of empty shells, although it needed a steady arm if throwing them across the livingroom.
Ah well! Happy memories.
Good Health to you and Mr. M and take care! wine wine wine


Jane10 Sun 25-Oct-20 15:20:30

A bright autumn day here Rufus2. Sunny and blowy. God knows what'll be announced next week re our Covid regulations. We've had a daft few weeks when pubs and restaurants had to close but cafes could be open as long as they didn't sell alcohol and closed at 6pm. Somehow restaurants had to stay closed even if they didn't serve alcohol either. Restaurants have spent a fortune on screens, distancing and menu apps. I felt very sorry for our local ones. We went out for brunch at a cafe on Friday. Absolutely no difference from how a restaurant would be set up.
Things had better be more sensible next week.

Megs36 Sun 25-Oct-20 16:48:28

Hello Rufus,
As *Jane’ says all pretty confusing here, we are very lucky in the SE . so far and still Covid Alert level Medium in our area,not sure where we are Tier wise, I think one, unlike ‘up North ‘but who knows.
I wonder if everyone realises Freda is your scooter and not your lady friend!!
We too are always being told to Get out, like you, we did start [email protected] short walk but bit cold now 😊. I’m welded to my armchair. Clocks went back last night so starting to get dark earlier. It’ll be a long winterI think, unless there’s another change I don’t think we’ll have Christmas.
Funny you mentioned the nut shells,my husband
has just had the little vacuum picking up bits of walnut shells that shot everywhere, was great when we were kids to throw them on the fire, radiators not the same ....

Cheers 🥂🍷🥂🍷🍷🥂🍷

Jane10 Sun 25-Oct-20 17:50:02

Glad you explained about Freda Megs36. I visualised her as a kindly neighbour!

Megs36 Sun 25-Oct-20 18:08:35


Jaxjacky Sun 25-Oct-20 19:06:26

Hi Rufus, glad generally all well. Megs36 we are SE too, but numbers climbing. Anyway, we did a walk today, down to local for the first meat draw since February, won nothing and a bit chilly outside, or inside, as doors open, but good to see people.
Glass of wine at home now, awaiting oven to produce dinner!
Stay safe all 🥂

Stephenmarra Sun 25-Oct-20 22:09:38

Megs - Pleased you explained about Freda, if Rufus had posted that he had been riding Freda all afternoon I hate to think....... grin