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Samhain and signs of Winter

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MawB2 Sat 31-Oct-20 11:01:07

Candies, costumes and spooky decorations are all associated with Halloween – but Halloween began as the festival of Samhain, which was part of the ancient Celtic religion in Europe and Britain.
The Gaelic festival, now celebrated from 31 October to 1 November, would mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the cold winter.

So, signs of Winter?

My postie is in long trousers today!

FannyCornforth Sat 31-Oct-20 11:04:46

At 7pm on Radio 4 extra there is three hours all about Samhain and the Irish origins of Halloween.
(I seem to be plugging R4 extra an awful lot!)

Callistemon Sat 31-Oct-20 11:08:04

Storm Aiden is out there - it's windy, dark and wet.
I don't even have a pumpkin to lighten the darkness this year. 🎃

Any outdoor celebrations will be a washout.

However, brighter, colder weather is promised for next week when the children go back to school, as is usual. 🌞

Callistemon Sat 31-Oct-20 11:09:57

I think that Hallowe'en is one of the celebrations which retains more of its pagan origins than others.

EllanVannin Sat 31-Oct-20 11:11:35

Sounds of Halloween here with the crows cawing loudly, it's eerie. It was the seagulls earlier. Why can't we have songbirds ?

maytime2 Sat 31-Oct-20 11:21:32

The Welsh term for Halloween is "Nos Galan Gaeaf" which translates as Winter's Eve. This has been in use for hundreds of years.

EllanVannin Sat 31-Oct-20 12:09:33

It's the Celtic New Year in the Isle of Man.

JackyB Sat 31-Oct-20 12:50:34

Can someone tell me how to pronounce Samhain please. Irish words are full of pitfalls.

LadyHonoriaDedlock Sat 31-Oct-20 13:05:27

Samhain blessings to you all. Jackie B: it's pronounced SAwain or, if you want to be proper Gàidhlig in which it's spelled samhainn, SAvoin.

As a child on the Wirral the day meant fun things with apples at home: bobbing for them blindfold as they dangle from a string, or ducking for them in a bowl of water using a fork in your mouth. I wonder why I haven't heard that as a suggestion for things to do on Covid Hallowe'en instead of going round the neighbours begging for sweeties?

phoenix Sat 31-Oct-20 13:12:16

For my friends in Mexico it's The Day Of The Dead!

Local people take flowers to family graves, have a pubic or even barbecue and celebrate their lives.

MiniMoon Sat 31-Oct-20 14:51:11

MiniMoon Sat 31-Oct-20 14:51:51

Meant to say here is a poem for Samhain.

Callistemon Sat 31-Oct-20 14:57:51

We usually go to a Winter Solstice party, the beginning of Yuletide - I suppose that will be off this year sad