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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 31-Oct-20 12:12:16

That’s very disappointing Megs. But don’t get annoyed. I thought GN was above that sort of pettiness and I don’t need to know the details (unless someone wants to off-load them!), There is a principle regarding free speech here, as you’ve said before.
You say “Clique”, I say “Clan”; although in modern parlance perhaps that should be Cluster!
They appear to have the ear of HQ judging by the number of “reports” and deletions, although they do seem to have abated lately. Maybe we (should) mellow as we mature!
Similar to the clusters of West Indians, around London suburbs, Pakistanis in Bradford, even Aussies in Notting Hill!
I wonder what GreatNan would say about this!
Btw; we’ve improved on the double-donut today by recording zero new cases again making 3 in a row. That would be a win if we were playing “noughts and crosses”

Jaxjacky Blimey! 50p a throw on the horses!? You won’t get rich that way and definitely no Guinness; only cheap box thirst quenchers for you! sad
Apart from race-horses, what has Cheltenham got to do with Flemington.? We have a suburb by that name, a fair way from Flemington where all the action is, especially next Tuesday for the running of the “Iconic Melbourne Cup”. It’s on later in the afternoon these days, to keep Hong Kong news media happy, but that also means you’ll be having a very early breakfast. We’ll be getting innumerable repeats on TV for the rest of the week.
Caught up with M/City beating Marseilles 3-0 on TV recording and I’m pleased to see them looking like championship material again
Also watched the American pairs ice-skating championships! My word, it’s marvellous the way the fellas can throw their partners around and no dumplings there. Very relaxing with lovely background music!
Another sign of the times; alongside the rink opposite to the cameras was a long row of cardboard cut-outs to represent an audience! Innovative thinking!

Jane Pleased to see we’re on speaking terms again after your uncomplimentary “irresistible” remark about my lack of jokes and you didn’t even qualify it by saying it meant me! wink
Anyway my mood improved when the Sept. and Oct. copies of The Oldie arrived on successive days. Our Zoom IT teacher recommends washing their outer plastic sleeves in Dettol before opening them, seeing that they come via Zurich. Covid is said to survive longer on plastic, or is it the other way round? Anyway I said no way! If I’m to be locked up or down for 14 days more quarantine I won’t notice any difference and I”ll still have something worthwhile to read!

Your chances of attending one of those posh visits to their lunches appear to be almost zero now! It’s sad to see how things are not improving. All you can do is plan to crack open another bottle of that posh gin! confused

Time for my cocoa!
Good Health wine wine wine

Megs36 Sat 31-Oct-20 13:46:27

Hi Rufus, good to hear it sounds like things are definitely improving in the Double donut stakes! I guess you’ve heard that it looks like National lockdown here very soon. Judging by the supermarket this morning everyone is stocking up. To make things seem worse it’s very wet here and cold. Central heating going full blast.
Enjoy your sunshine and longer days.
Cheers 🍷🥂🍷🥂

Jaxjacky Sat 31-Oct-20 13:48:42

Hi Rufus, never been a huge gambler, my best was 2008 Grand National, Mon Mome a Venetia Williams horse, I had £1 e/w and it won at 100/1. My best at Cheltenham was a Venetia horse too, £2 e/w, won at 55/1, £2 the most I bet at Cheltenham, but great fun. I used to get up early for the Australian and Japanese G Prix years ago, five male friends round for a full English, the neighbours nets were twitching. I do like watching sport, football and rugby this weekend. It rained all morning, sun out now, but forecast until Wednesday is grim.looks like a lockdown looming, here we go....
Stay safe 🥂

rafichagran Sat 31-Oct-20 14:01:19

Hi Rufus cold here in Greater London, raining, and I have had to put the central heating on. Partner and I are watching the Man City and Sheffueld United game on the television.
My 7 year old Grandson wont be trick or treating this year, so his Mother is buying a few Haloween treats and they are going to watch a Haloween film. I am in there bubble but as I have sprained my ankle I would rather be at home in the warm.