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lockdown - garden centers

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Willow73 Wed 04-Nov-20 20:31:24

Can anyone explain why garden centres are being allowed to stay open? Are they essential, will they encourage people to have an unnecessary car journey and be a covid risk. This lockdown really is going to make small businesses suffer greatly/ Mums can go to the garden centre but children cant participate in sports clubs. Confused and frustrated.

GrandmaKT Wed 04-Nov-20 20:50:39

Yep, I've been asking the same!
Someone has just posted on FB a list of the shops that are open in our town and tbh I don't know why it's being called a lockdown! - Wilko, The Range, Pets at Home, Home Bargains....
The reason most people seem to think garden centres are open is so we can buy Xmas trees and decorations - obviously necessities in Nov (not)!

SpringyChicken Wed 04-Nov-20 21:09:39

I go out with a friend regularly. I've had to explain that 'accidentally' bumping in to one another and spending the afternoon at the garden centre together wouldn't be in the spirit of Lockdown 2.

Casdon Wed 04-Nov-20 21:17:20

If you are a gardener they are essential to you - and gardening encourages people to be outside, exercising and maintaining their wellbeing. They aren’t staying open so people can go for the afternoon to spend hours browsing the Christmas decorations I’m sure, it’s more akin to builders merchants and hardware stores remaining open.

Lavazza1st Wed 04-Nov-20 21:23:55

I would like the swimming pool to stay open for my wellbeing....

Lavazza1st Wed 04-Nov-20 21:25:51

The thing is, wellbeing is different things to different people.

Some people's psyche is really going to suffer if they usually go to the gym every day ( I don't ) or if they can't do their regular exercise. My main exercise is in water, for health reasons, which I now can't do.

I do enjoy a bit of gardening but it doesn't really make up for not being able to swim.

Casdon Wed 04-Nov-20 22:15:42

Unfortunately though you’re far more likely to catch Covid at the leisure centre, and the swimming pool than you are at the garden centre, that’s why they have had to close. It’s not fair I know, but it is done with a rationale.

Lavazza1st Wed 04-Nov-20 22:25:18

We usually use a private pool in a friend's home. No one else is ever in there when we are and we usually use a key code to enter. The police shut them down last lockdown even though no one was mixing and it was being cleaned each time and this time also they are not allowed to open. I agree that it's a bit dodgy at public leisure centres, but I also think exercise is beneficial for immunity and wellbeing.

Much as gardening is good for mental health, not everyone has a garden....and I think it will be bad for people's wellbeing to not be able to do the exercise that their bodies have become accustomed to do. There is some gardening I could do, but there isn't much that needs doing this time of year. I did write to my MP and signed a petition because I feel that people's mental health will suffer.

We are the lucky ones, with a dog that needs walking and a garden to potter in, but I really feel for those who don't.

JenniferEccles Wed 04-Nov-20 22:41:30

During the last lockdown it was deemed very unfair that supermarkets could sell plants yet garden centres were initially closed.

There is a large one near me which has fridges and freezers and sells food so they are permitted to stay open.

I believe The Range also sells some food items.

Whether people are cross questioned at the door about what they intend to buy before they are allowed over the threshold, is another matter though!

Costa is staying open for takeaways so if we are lucky to have some dry and mild days, at least we can get out, wrapped up and have a picnic!

Lucca Wed 04-Nov-20 22:50:09

Also how can a personal trainer do one to one with someone not in their household but a husband wife can’t play golf or tennis outdoors ??? (Obviously not using clubhouse)

Lavazza1st Wed 04-Nov-20 22:52:15

Yes that was very unfair for garden centres and I really do like visiting garden centres.

Some people might have their fridge or freezer break down, so that's good.

I almost never go to The Range as its always crowded and I am not a fan of our local store because of its location ( can't say more without sounding snobby). I have never seen any actual nourishing, proper food in ours, just things like crisps and biscuits, tea bags etc. Nothing I'd use.